Sunday, February 19, 2017

Busted Laptop {Thoughts From Me}

The most important tool for a blogger and reviewer is the device they use for writing their posts.  When something unforeseen happens to that device, the blogger's world spins out of control.  Material things should never be important but when your career depends on that device it becomes the most important thing you own.

Today my laptop screen bit the dust.  I turned it on to find the screen completely busted because someone carelessly stepped on it even though they were aware it was where it was at the time.  And this wasn't a little person but someone who had sense to look and see where it was, who knew it was where it was kept at, who knows I use this laptop for my blogging and photography careers.

So this post is coming to you from my busted laptop via it's tethered computer screen.  That's right, my portable laptop has now been downgraded into a desktop.  It's been suggested the repair cost to fix my poor sweet Karolina could run around $300.  So now I'm torn between simply repairing her and replacing her.

Now to find the positive in this:  I'm thankful I can still access my computer files since many of my reviews are stored on this laptop.  I'm thankful I can still access my photos which I recently saved and stored on here.  I'm thankful I can still manage to write my blog posts and reviews, one of which will be coming tomorrow or by Tuesday at the latest.  Not being able to do these things was one of my major fears in finding my computer damaged.

I pray for God to make provisions for me to either fix my screen or buy a new laptop as soon as we are able.  I've been looking at a few for the kids but my personal computer has major needs that theirs do not such as a monitor that projects clear imagery for photo editing and storage for using programs that we need for both reviews and photo editing.  Whatever happens though, I'm just thankful for being able to still use this computer for now with my desktop monitor so I can do the things I need to.

Now I'm off to bury my sorrows of the day with some junk food and a movie of some kind.  Until the next time...

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