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Math Mammoth: Light Blue Series for Grade 1 {Crew Review}

As a homeschooling Mom, I am always looking for products which are easy to use with my children but are also thorough for their education.  We were introduced to Math Mammoth years ago through the Homeschool Review Crew.  So when this vendor came up for the year, I knew I wanted to do this review.

What We Chose for Review:

I chose the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series for Grade 1 for our review.  This was the perfect grade level to use with Laycie.  We've been working on Math concepts in her homeschooling but I felt she was ready for something a bit more structured and I wanted to cover a few things she still gets mixed up about like money and time.  This grade level provided just the right mix of things for us to work through.

What We Received for Review:

For this review, we received the digital download version of Math Mammoth Light Blue Series for Grade 1.  This was a downloadable link which gave us access to all the files we needed to use this curriculum.  This series is a full curriculum, containing a full set of concepts for the grade level.  Once these files are downloaded you are able to immediately get started.

To begin, you can locate the User Guide file which explains what you need to do to use the curriculum.  This document shares the basic principles for using Math Mammoth then goes on to explain how to use it, how to set the pace for the curriculum, how to use the tests that come with this curriculum and so much more.  There's also review of the curriculum included and a worksheet maker for extra practice in learning.

Lessons in this curriculum are designed to be used over a span of several days with your student.  Each lesson contains several pages to help your student thoroughly learn the concept being taught.  These lessons are very easy for the parent/teacher to teach the child and help them complete.  In fact, there is no teacher's guide for the lessons.  You and your student just work through the course.  And yet, these lessons are still challenging enough for the student to learn from.  

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series for Grade 1 contained two worktexts for our lessons: 1-A and 1-B.  1-A was for the first semester of learning and 1-B for the second.  There are also answer keys provided in a separate file.  Tests are also provided but these are completely optional for your use.  They could instead be used as review but there are also review lessons included with the curriculum for you to use.  Editable versions are also included.

The chapter on Money is included in a separate file as well and can be used for different grade levels.  This chapter covers different currancies from different places around the world.  Tests are provided for this chapter as well.

How We Used This Product:

This was a pretty simple product for us to use in our lessons.  I was already looking for Laycie a program for Math and we've had such a great experience with Math Mammoth in the past that I knew this would be a great fit for her.  The lessons don't require a lot of time which doesn't overwhelm her with her ADHD.  The worksheets keep the concepts simple and the instructions are easy for us both to follow.

Laycie worked on these pages daily for the most part.  There were a few days we missed due to life but overall she worked straight through them.  She enjoyed some of the online games that were included as suggestions to complete and practice throughout the lessons.

Mostly we just enjoyed the simpleness of the program.  The clean lines of the worksheets and the designs of the objects and animals used to represent the math problems kept her from feeling overwhelmed, yet there was enough color to keep it interesting for her.  It fit very well with our laid back, eclectic, delayed academics approach to learning.

Where You Can Buy This Product:

You can buy Math Mammoth Light Blue Series for Grade 1 for $37.50 for the Full Grade Set as a digital download.  You can buy just Worktext Part 1-A or Worktext Part 1-B for $18.75 each.  You can also purchase this product on CD for $42.50.  Printed copies are also available in various places mentioned on the Math Mammoth Website.

Math Mammoth offers other grade levels as well for all grade levels.  The Light Blue Series offers curriculum for grade levels 1-7.  A placement test is also available for help in choosing the right level for your student.

Don't forget to check out the other Math Mammoth products available as well!

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