Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quick Update {March 2017}

Monday I went to the doctor for the first time in years for myself.  I've tried for a year to get this appointment and finally got it. I definitely wasn't going to miss it.

This appointment was to establish a physician for me and to obtain a physical which I really needed since I haven't been to a doctor outside an OB in forever.  My checks for my pregnancies were also fine and blood work was always good so I never worried about it.  I'm rarely sick.

The check up went well. I love the new dr.  She's so sweet and really listened to my concerns.  She went through all the details.  She issued an EKG to check my heart after my blood pressure dropped on Saturday for no apparent reason.  She also had blood work done to check that everything was okay.  I left happy with my appointment with her.

This morning, I received two calls on my cell phone which I never get calls on.  I assumed it was from the GYN I was being referred to by the doctor and I was sleeping with Laycie beside me so I didn't want to answer and disturb her.  I figured it could wait.

When I finally did get up, I realized it had been the doctors office.  My dr and her nurse had both called and their voices sounded really concerned.  I immediately gave them a call back.

My blood work showed that my hemoglobin level is very low at a 7 and my cell count is down as well.  This explains why I have been so very tired lately.  It also explains why my BP dropped as it did.

So the doctor has me scheduled for a blood transfusion tomorrow.  Iron is not an option for me as I'm allergic to it and it gives me severe migraines.  And I definitely can't keep going with a low blood level.  She really wanted me in today but they weren't able to fit me into the schedule until tomorrow.

I've never had a blood transfusion that I can remember.  I'm told it's like getting IV fluids.  I'm hopeful it is.  I'm scared it isn't.  But overall, I'm looking forward to my levels being corrected and to feeling better so I can get back to my job as Mom.  It's hard to be down when you're the Mom of children who have special  needs and who need you.

I'm praying the kids remain stable and no seizures happen while I'm dealing with this.  God is usually good to us and keeps things in control so I know he's got my back.  I'm hoping one transfusion is all I need and that my GYN appointment comes up with answers for my health that I'm needing so we can get back to a normal life again.

For now though, I wanted to update.  I'm taking my phone and iPad along tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be online trying to keep myself occupied but I won't be back here for a few days.

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  1. When Greg had his hip done he required a blood transfusion afterwards. It is done very much the same as an IV and it did not take him long to feel way better. Don't worry to much hun it really is a very simple procedure.


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