Thursday, March 30, 2017

And Then Life Changes Again

I've been busy and haven't updated.  I know I'm terrible to just leave you all hanging.  So what's happened?

Well, I had my doctor's appointment and ultrasound on Monday to prepare for surgery.  Do you know what my ultrasound showed?  Not a darned thing!  There were no cysts on my ovaries which is awesome because I've never had cysts on them.  There was no fibroids or damage showing to my uterus  Scar tissue seen on camera was normal.  My uterus was normal.  Everything was NORMAL.  My uterine lining was slightly thickened in the middle which can simply be caused by my time of the month and did not worry my doctor.

So with all this new knowledge in my mind, I asked the doctor was surgery my ONLY option.  He replied that to stop the bleeding completely, yes it would be but if the bleeding was controlled by the med he had given me and it continued to remain controlled we could wait on surgery.  He said we can do the meds for a few months and see if they help.  Then I can come off of them and see if the bleeding has stopped.  I was more than joyous at this.

He decided to do an uterine/endometrial biopsy to make sure that I don't have cancer.  After he did it, he took a look at the sample and said it looks normal for a women of my age who is still in child bearing years.  But the sample will tell the story, if I do have cancer or not.

If I have Cancer, then of course the uterus comes out immediately.  If not, we discuss the options at a later time.  My instinct tells me I am fine and that my insides are healthy.  If they are healthy, I wish to find other options for my treatment and have them remain where they are at.

So for now, the surgery is NOT HAPPENING!  Meds are happening and I'm totally ok with that.  I've had no bleeding since starting the meds except mildly after the biopsy was done.  And yall this is the mildest period I've had in a long time now, so I'm very happy!

My thought is that maybe I am indeed in perimenopause or even menopause and that's the cause of the bleeding.  But only time and testing will tell.

Monday, I also saw my regular doctor and we discussed my constant tightness and pain in my back.  She felt it and said I was definitely tense more than I should be so she issues a mild pain med and muscle relaxer for me to try for a month to see how that works for me.  If it's not worked well then she will issue xrays for me to see what's going on back there.

At this point, the pain is so intense that any time I do physical activity I'm left in so much pain I can barely move.  This is not normal for a 37 year old and I told the doctor I just want to know what's wrong.  I don't wish to take tons of medication I don't need.  I truly just want to know why I feel as I do.  So hopefully, we can find those answers by working together.

On a joyous note, Donald and I got married last Thursday.  Today makes it an official week!  We told very few people and decided spur of the moment to get it all done and over with.  We do plan to have a wedding later but we wanted the legal and stressful part done for ourselves. We are so happy to know that we are following what God has planned for us together and for our family!  The kids were excited to know Mommy and Daddy are married as well.

Don also bought himself a little truck this week for a small price.  It's a great vehicle for him to work with and carry off our trash.  I'm really proud of all he's done to change his life and ours as well to make it better.  We're only headed upwards from here.

Him getting a new truck means we can find seats for the van for me and the kids so we can officially have a family car again.  This is another great thing!  I miss our family adventures and can hardly wait to begin them all again soon!

So this is our end of March update.  This is where we are in our life.  Looking forward to the future and our love and life together as we continue on this journey.

God bless,

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