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Creating a Masterpiece {Crew Review}

What We Reviewed:

For this review, we were given access to Creating a Masterpiece's Monthly Plan subscription.  Creating a Masterpiece is a wonderful art program that teaches art in an innovative and encouraging manner.  Creating a Masterpiece really helps you to create art masterpieces of your own.

What We Received:

We received a monthly membership for the online website, Creating a Masterpiece.  This gave us full access to the website for a small payment fee of $39.99.  There are other payment options for this program as well which I will mention later on in this review.

About the Program:

Creating a Masterpiece is a program that can be used by multiple grade or art levels.  You don't have to know a thing about Art to use this program.  You can simply gather your necessary equipment and jump right on in.

Creating a Masterpiece offers art pieces to create from Beginners Level to Level 5 and also offers Art History lessons for your student or yourself to complete.  Each level offers multiple projects to choose from in different art media forms.  Each level increases in difficultly to challenge your student (or yourself) to become more developed as an artist.

In the Beginners Level, there are lessons in Watercolor, Ink, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Mixed Media and even Alcohol Ink.  These masterpieces are easily completely and gorgeous when done.  This level is for those who haven't had a lot of art instruction and wish to begin the program to learn more about how to use these media forms in Art.

Each increasing Level contains different lessons each using different types of media, leaving your student learning a well-rounded ideal through their art mediums. No activity is the same though many use similar materials.  These are not necessarily things you will have on hand but they are easily purchased through an Arts or Craft store or ordered online.

The program is linked to an outside source for purchase of necessary materials to make gathering the materials necessary for your projects easier.  The prices of these materials is fair.  I chose to work on one project at a time so we weren't spending too much to complete our review and luckily since I have an artist in the house, we already had a great deal of the necessary tools needed for many of these projects.  Still we did find some projects where we had to purchase a new brush we didn't own or some other object but nothing too expensive.  This review also fell into the time frame of my artist birthday so I was able to gift some of these expenses to her for her enjoyment of both Art and this program as well.

Each lesson in the program shares a series of videos walking you through each step of the art process for the media chosen.  Lessons also show a color swatch palate to help you prepare ahead the colors you will need for the lesson itself.  A list of tips for working on the project or with the art median follows sharing helpful things for using that type of art media for your project.

There is a highlight section which shows you glimpses of the project you're working on as you work your way through the program so you can visually see where you are at what level of the lesson.  This is followed by a download section which includes a high resolution image for the project, a downloadable shopping list to prepare for the project and the ability to purchase supplies online through the connected vendor.  This section is followed by the final section of the lesson which shows encouraging reference art for you or your student to view in the same art form that you are using for the lesson you are working on.

The lessons are well prepared.  The videos are concise and easy to follow.  The exercises are easy to complete.

How We Used This:

Emma is my resident artist.  She really took to this program and completed the projects quickly and with little help from me.  She really liked the videos.  When she was stuck, she could reverse the video and try again until she got it the way she wanted.

The program was perfect for Emmalee but it was a bit advanced for my younger two children.  They just weren't ready for the lessons or the time it took to complete their projects.  Emma, on the other hand, found the projects challenging and didn't mind the time it took her to complete the projects she chose to work on.

I allowed Emma to pick and choose from various lessons.  She particularly enjoyed the Watercolor lessons and the Ink lessons.  I found she knew a lot more than I realized about the different types of art media in these projects.  Some things I didn't even know so she taught me what they were as well.

Membership Information:

Creating a Masterpiece is an online program for learning Art.  It is available by Monthly Plan subscription for $39.99.  This is for unlimited family access to all projects.  The program has over 144 projects listed at this time.  Even though this program didn't work well for my young students, it can still be used for young or old students who wish to learn more about Art.

You can also access this program for a yearly fee of $349 per year or purchase access to single levels for $119 a year.

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