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Manhood Journey from City On A Hill {Crew Review}

What We Received for Review:

For this review, Manhood Journey & City On A Hill Studio sent us their Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit.  This kit comes packaged in a box of it's own that is filled with great stuff to be shared between young men between ages 8-17 and the older generation of men mentoring them.  Manhood Journey celebrates the young man's journey into manhood.

What We Were Sent In Our Package:

Included in our Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit were the following things:
-A DVD that includes all the necessary videos for each of the modules.
-A complete set of Maprochures to use with your child or in a group setting of young men.
-The One On One Guide Book for Embarking on your journey in a single, one on one setting
-The Group Guide Book for Embarking on this journey in a group setting.
-Wise Guys, Unlocking Hidden Wisdom From The Men Around You by Kent Evans with Rob Suggs

All these materials work together to complete this study on journeying into manhood.

How It's Used:

This set can be used in either a group or an individual, one on one setting with young men between the ages of 8 and 17.  It should be directed by a Father or a Father figure, leader of the church, or someone similar.  If a Father isn't available then of course a Mother could manage to put this to use with their son.

You start the journey by reading up on the journey material in the guidebook.  It explains who can use this set and how to make it work for you and your sons.  The entire guide gives you a walk-through of what to expect as well as what to say, share and do together to bond through this journey with one another.  The goal is to guide your son into becoming a better man, possibly even growing in your own Faith along the way.

The Maprochure works as a visual aid to show your sons where they are headed next.  It shows the main topics of the journey and is just a good way to "see" where you're heading.  It's a great little handout to keep up with group times or expectations for the journey.

The DVD has a video to present each module and help you build upon the lessons it teaches.  It's a great content bonus to keep kids interested in what's going on.  It leads you further into the guidebook, helping you to expand on what you're teaching and learning together.

The guidebook itself gives you an exact walk through of what to do and say with the program.  There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you are sticking to the word, sharing the word and helping these young men dive deeper into the word with your help.  It's a great way to grow in the Lord together.

Additional the book Wise Guys by Kent Evans was included in the kit.  Wise Guys shares how to find the best for the men in life around you.  How to really learn from the Wise Men that God sometime place into your life.  And how to share that wisdom with others.

How We Used It:

I must admit, I didn't use this program myself as I'm the Mom but I did hand it over to Don to use with our 16 year old son, Winston.  Don is Winston's stepfather but this is for all Fathers so he was able to use it as well.  It was great for them.  Great for Don because he was able to dive deeper in the Word provided in the guide.  Great for Win because it allowed him to learn more about God and his plan for his life through the program.  It was great for them together because it allowed them bonding time together that they don't always get.  It was something just for them, that got them talking, sharing and learning together and the best part is that God was in the forefront leading the way!

They worked through one module at a time when they were able to find time.  You could do one a week in a group setting.  The modules aren't long but they are full of info to help you grow and learn about God and his plans for life.

Where You Can Purchase This Kit:

Manhood Journey & City On A Hill Studio has the Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit available to purchase on their website for $29.99.  This includes everything mentioned above.  You can order additional materials separate as well.

Where You Can Find Them Online:

Manhood Journey
Twitter:  @manhoodjourney

City on a Hill

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