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CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy {Crew Review}

This review came to use from CompuScholar, Inc., previously known as Homeschool Programming.  We were offered their new course, Digital Savvy for this review.  I felt it would be a great course for my older two kids.

What We Received:
In exchange for our honest opinion of this product, we were given access to the online program, Digital Savvy.  Digital Savvy comes with a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription for the course, with the ability to add additional students as well.  It's a great program for any family to use.

About The Program:
Digital Savvy is designed to help your student develop a better understanding of how computers and programming works.  This is a full year, two semester course offered fully online.  It is considered to be an introductory technology class for beginners though students should have an idea of computer basics and keyboarding before taking this course.  It is also aligned to course standards for many states.

The program requires a MAC system version of 10.7 or higher or Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. There are 25 lessons and additional lessons to supplement.  The course covers approximately 164 days or 33 weeks of school for the course during the school year. There are hands-on projects in each chapter, creative for each type of learner.

To access the program, you simply create a teacher log-in or a student log-in with the specific codes sent to you after purchase.  This is easily done through the website.  Then you can log-in and get started learning all about the course.

The first course chapter jumps right in to teaching you all about different types of computers and their components.  Chapter two teaches the student about program applications, software and web browsers.  Chapter three covers different types of operating systems like Windows and iOS.

Each chapter builds upon the last and helps the student learn the importance of the computer and it's programming and components.  It builds up to the last chapter in which the Final Project is created.  This project shows the details of what the student has learned during the course of the year.

Each lesson shares a video about what you are learning, along with text and a lesson quiz.  Chapter one has 4 lessons, each with these elements.  There is also an activity to complete and a lesson exam to see what you have learned.  This should take about a week for the student to complete.

How We Used It:
We have a very digital, tech savvy family so I felt this course would be great for my two oldest children to learn more about the details behind computers and how they work.  They knew the basics but they are learning even more.  Also because they both have a deep interest in video games and creativity, I felt this program would be great.  My oldest son has considered being a Video Game Programmer once he finishes his schooling so this course made an excellent course to go along with that.

After I set up the program, I gave my older children their log-ins so they could get started.  Of course, we could not complete this program in the review period but we could did get a good idea of how it worked.  The kids enjoyed the videos and details they learned through the program.  They worked at it several days a week, sometimes completing more than one lesson.  They've shared their knowledge with me and Dad, Grandma and the little kids as well.

We will be continuing this program once the review is over because they have learned so much in the past few weeks.  They look forward to continuing the program and learning more.   They also enjoy debating and comparing what they have learned with one another.

Where You Can Buy:
You can buy Digital Savvy through CompuScholar, Inc. online  as either a self-study or teacher-led course for $15 for the self-study or $35 for the teacher-led course, which is what we used.  The one-year option is also available for $120 for the self-study or $300 for the teacher-led course.  Either option gives you access to the same materials for the course but the one-year option allows you to add additional students to the course for $40 for the self-study option or $220 for the teacher-led option.

Other Places You Can Find the Vendor Online:

Homeschool Programming
Facebook www.facebook.com/HomeschoolProgramming
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HSProgramming   @hsprogramming

CompuScholar, Inc
https://twitter.com/CompuScholar   @compuscholar

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