Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dear Stalker

Dear Stalker,

I am truly impressed that you are so consumed with my life that you took time to read through 700 blog posts to attempt to find some dirt on me.  Let me help you out.  There is none.  

I love how you thought sending a few screenshots of a public blog would destroy my relationship and make him second guess our marriage.    He won't. It won't.  

See what I have written here I meant.  I meant that I loved my ex when I was with him.  I meant I enjoyed our life and how God had indeed blessed us.  I was meant to be with him in that season of his life as he healed from his ex-wife and I received the greatest gift from that.  So did my now husband: we were blessed with our son.  

God places some people into our lives for a season and we are there to learn from them.  And I did learn from him.  I learned what I wanted in my husband and what
I would never again put up with.  

When the time in my life was right, God brought my husband into my life.  It was the worst point of his life and the point he needed me most.  And God knew he needed me as much as I did him.

God has blessed me at every single point in my life, including this one.  And he will continue to be on my side because I believe in His love for me and my family.  

My husband has never lied to me and I have not lied to him.  After all, these posts you thought you'd upset him with and use to destroy our happiness are public and open for anyone to read.  However, I only know one person so consumed by us that they'd drag up a post from 2011!  

Thing is my husband knows my heart.  He knows my past.  He's dreamed of me even while loving others and it was me all along his heart longed for.  He is happy with me.  He's changed his life for me and for my children.  He stands beside me and gives me strength when I need it.  

And I do the same for him.  I am the woman his exes could never be.  I am the woman who was made by God for him. I will stand by him and never give up.  

You don't have to like what I post here or anywhere else in my online following.  It isn't written for you but it is left unblocked for you to easily stalk us as you have been doing.  This blog is for me and my followers.  It's for my personal friends, family and life.  It's not here to please you. 

Stalker, I wish you enjoyed your own life as much as you do ours.  I wish you would embrace the love and happiness that God has graced upon you.  I have my entire Facebook following praying for you.  I pray you find help with your consumption in knowing our life.  I pray you also find real help for your obvious depression and possible bipolar disorder.  You deserve the same happiness we have.  Stop hiding behind your excuses as to why you stalk.  It doesn't take a lot to see how unhappy you are.  

But for me and mine.  We will continue to live the life we have, to allow God to bless and grow in our family as we've been doing for the past two years.  

I thank you for shutting my husband out and giving up on him.  It gave him the chance to find real, true love.  I only hope you can do the same in time. 

God bless and much prayer for you,
Dana Lambert - Hodge

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