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Memoria Press: First Form Greek {Crew Review}

What We Reviewed:

For this review, we were sent First Form Greek Complete Set from Memoria Press.  This set came at the perfect time.  A few weeks before this vendor came up, Emmalee and I were discussing what she'd like to learn about next.  She paused to think for a few minutes and then stated, "Greek.  I want to learn Ancient Greek though, not any new stuff."  Then a few weeks later this popped up in the Vendor list and I knew it was just what she wished for!  Better yet, it was set to ship out on her birthday!  No doubt that this was meant for her.

What We Received:

We have reviewed other Memoria Press curriculum in the past and it always arrives in it's own cardboard box with the company name on printed on the outside.  I keep it in that box until we complete our reviews because the box is often filled to the brim with curriculum goodies for us.  This box was no exception.

This box contained the following:

First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Instructional DVDs by Elizabeth Pierce
First Form Greek Teacher Key (Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests) by Cheryl Lowe and Michael Simpson
First Form Greek Quizzes & Tests Workbook by Cheryl Lowe and Michael Simpson
First Form Greek Teacher Manual by Cheryl Lowe and Michael Simpson
First Form Greek Student Text by Cheryl Lowe and Michael Simpson
First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Workbook by Cheryl Lowe and Michael Simpson
First Form Greek Pronunciation CD
First Form Greek Flashcards
Access to online videos to use with the curriculum.

This set works together to create a complete Ancient Greek curriculum for teaching your student Greek thoroughly.  

Breakdown of the First Form Greek Complete Set:

I will explain some of the key pieces of curriculum in this set.

First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Instructional DVDs by Elizabeth Pierce
There are 5 DVDs in this set. Each covers 4-5 lessons from the curriculum and are labeled in order.  They are approximately 10-20 minutes of instruction per lesson equaling around 8 hours of instructional videos.  The videos include lesson lectures, oral drill as well as examples and charts to instruct your student.

First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Teacher Manual
This is a typical teacher's guide designed to help you achieve your best through using the curriculum.  It begins with an introduction on how to use the curriculum and instruct your student in the lessons to learn Ancient Greek.  

Next it gives a lesson overview of what to expect in each lesson and how it flows.  This is followed with Games and Review Activities and how to use those to best teach and learn Ancient Greek.  This section is followed with a Syllabus and Preparation that shares how to create a syllabus for your homeschool and this curriculum and also how to prepare your classes and use this curriculum.  

The next section is the Recitation list followed by the Student text and lesson plans.  At the end of the guide are Appendices sharing Greek Sayings and Vocabulary from Greek to English and English to Greek.

The lessons plans are easy to follow with check off boxes for each part as you complete the lesson.  The lessons become a little more intensive as the curriculum goes along and you build a better understanding of Ancient Greek.  

First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Student Text
This is a rather small and easy to use text book for your student.  It's 116 pages in length and covers all the lessons your student will be learning in the curriculum.  There is a brief introduction then it immediately moves into the lessons.  There are 24 lessons.  At the back of the book are several appendices, oral drill and a vocabulary section. 

First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Workbook
Now this thing is huge!  280 pages of worksheets that help you learn Ancient Greek.  There's a statement to the student and a translation checklist, then you jump right in to the good stuff.  Worksheet after worksheet of learning, complete with drill forms in the back.  

How We Used It:

I handed this straight over to Emma who dove straight in.  At first, she chose to simply listen to the Pronunciation CD to get a head start on speaking the language and then she looked up the videos and began to watch those to learn more about the curriculum before she began lessons.  Emma is unique and  has her own style of working on things. 

The curriculum was not hard for her to use though.  Normally, we do not use such structured lesson materials but she was easily able to adapt and work through several of the lessons.  I chose to let her set the pace, as she's naturally an independent learner.  She chose to pick them up nightly, reading her lessons when no one was up to bother her and completing the necessary work that went along with it as she did so.  

She was easily able to follow through the curriculum without a whole lot of guidance from me but she stopped to ask questions when necessary.  As I stated though, Emmalee is extremely independent with lessons and prefers to figure it out herself, which she was easily able to do.

Where You Can Buy First Form Greek:

First Form Greek Complete Set is for students in 7th - 12th grade.  It could be considered an Elective Course or a Course for Foreign Language for your High School student.  It is available through Memoria Press for $125.00 for the entire set.  It does recommend a prerequisite of two years of Latin Grammar, which Memoria Press also offers as available courses, and the Greek Alphabet Book.

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