Monday, April 24, 2017

Planet 316: Daily Bible Jigsaw {Crew Review}

From Planet 316 comes the Daily Bible Jigsaw.  This is a free app on Apple iOS, Google Play or Facebook.  Let me tell you, it is TONS of fun!

After you chose your format and method of play (mine was Apple iOS) and get it downloaded, you will be taken to a log-in page to create your username and password.  This is easily and quickly done.  The the fun really starts.

There is one new puzzle a day.  Each puzzle you complete gives you extra coins.  You get coin bonuses for completing quickly.  I was slow do I did not get a lot of extra coins myself.

Each puzzle is inspirational and beautifully designed.  One of my favorites was a picture of flowers with a beautiful butterfly featured on it and a quote.  It took me a while to complete it but it was great fun.  There were lots of pieces to put together and honestly I'm just not good at putting these things together but still I did it.

On the iPad app, which I used for this game, you can press on the puzzle pieces with your fingers to slide them to the side or place them into the puzzle.  I, personally, placed all puzzle pieces onto the side, then worked on the edges.  These are the pieces with one flat side.  Once I found two pieces that matched, they'd link to one another and connect.  Once the outside of the puzzle was built, I would then work on the inner parts of the puzzle.  When you finish, the puzzle then magically digitally comes to life and the inspirational quote appears.  This is a Christian app so all messages are Biblical and Christian based.

As a bonus for reviewing this item, Planet 316 gifted us each a 500 Puzzle Coins Bundle, which is a $39.99 value, for free for additional play time.  These coins allowed us to buy extra puzzles.  As I mentioned, you get one puzzle a day.  There's a calendar which shows each day for the month.  Completed puzzles show here as well as ones you may have missed in the month.  You can purchase the missed puzzles for a small fee.

Mostly I played this app, though my kids did play a few times.  Laycie liked it.  Emmalee loved it.  They were faster than me at playing it.  It is a great family game to play with your younger child as well.  It is a lot of fun to share with one another.

You can find the Daily Bible Jigsaw app or game in the following places online:

Google Play (Android Devices)

Apple App Store (iOS Devices)

Facebook (Mac or PC Computer Web Browser... Chrome and Firefox work best)

Facebook Gameroom (PC Computer... this is Facebook's new PC game platform similar to Steam)

You can find Planet 316 online at:

Twitter:  @planet_316

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