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Why We Chose To Homeschool {Crew Blog Hop}

5 Days of Blogging with Epilepsy and Other Issues:
Why We Chose To Homeschool

I never imagined I'd be a Homeschooling Mom.  When Winston was born, I don't even think I knew what Homeschooling was.  In High School, I had planned to go to college at Clemson and major in English and Education.  I wanted to be a Middle School English teacher.

This wasn't God's plan though.  I met my ex-husband when I was 17 and found myself in LOVE.  By 19, I was married.  At 21, I had my oldest son and at 23, my baby girl was added into the mix. My life was all about being Momma and Wife.  Long gone was the idea of being a Teacher.

Then when Emmalee was 3 months old, our life changed completely.  Emma began having seizures.  Appointments had us traveling back and forth to MUSC every 3 months.  MRI's, EEG's and blood tests became an important part of our life.  It was chaos.

Time passed quickly.  Before I knew it Emma was 3 and Winston was 5.  It was time to make a decision about school but my Momma heart wasn't ready to part with either of my babies.  I was very involved in online parenting communities (This was pre-Facebook) and I was learning about different educational types.  Homeschooling was becoming more widely known, so I started praying and looking into more information.

I found out my then husband's boss' wife was Homeschooling their kids so my ex-husband was all for learning more.  Prayer led me to finding information in places I never expected.  Our dump had a swap place where people left items they no longer needed but weren't quite trash.  It was there I found my first curriculum and informative books on Homeschooling.  Then I was in a local thrift store and I found more books on Homeschooling.  

These little signs from God were all I needed.  We found our local homeschooling association was holding a New Homeschooler class so we attended and learned a lot.  I knew in my heart God was calling me to this and I was determined to follow.

Here we are 11 years later, still homeschooling.  I didn't know then why it was right for us but over time, I've come to find that there was definitely more reasons than I could see in those early days.  Multiple moves across the state of SC and finally into NC.  Multiple children with special needs and Epilepsy. Multiple doctors appointments several days a week, hours away from home.  Therapies that were required for 3 of my 4 children.  All of these things came over the years and showed me that Homeschooling was definitely chosen by God for us for a reason unseen that He knew all the time.

And it's a choice I've never second guessed or wished to change.  It's a choice that  has led us to become bonded together as a family.  It's a choice that has given us so much more than we could even have known when we began this journey.

God knew though and He's led us all the way.  We will keep going and seeking his guidance in this, as we have from the beginning.  I look forward to seeing where He is leading us on our journey.

God bless,
Dana Lambert - Hodge

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