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Heroes of History: Laura Ingalls Wilder {Crew Review}

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We are huge fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder around our house.  The whole Ingalls Wilder family is a favorite for us.  So when the opportunity arose to learn more about Laura and her life through YWAM Publishing's Heroes of History series we were really excited.  Heroes of History - Laura Ingalls Wilder shares Laura's storybook life to show where Laura came from the the stories behind the books.  This review also included access to the Heroes of History - Laura Ingalls Wilder Unit Study Guide.

Laura didn't intend to be a writer.  She was happy just being a housewife (like me!).  But one day, Laura decided to put pen to paper and bring her thoughts to life.  Her "journals" became stories and those stories have brought many families like ours great joy over the years.

Laura shared her childhood with us.  She shared her hardships and her fun experiences, her rivals as well as her loves.  These things show us the life that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived over many decades, bringing to life a past that we could only begin to imagine without her stories.

Laura was an inspirational woman.  She is someone I, and my daughters, greatly look up to.  She's been an inspiration to my life, to our future as homesteaders learning to live in our community. using what we have in life.  Reading about her struggles and her gains has been so uplifting for us all.

Heroes of History is a book series that shares the lives of well-known and some not so well-known heroes of the past.  Through the books in this series we learn more about the past and the way people lived.  We learn of the great things these wonderfully inspiring people did.

I chose Laura Ingalls Wilder as our review book because of our families great interest in her stories but mostly because my Emmalee truly loves Laura and her life more than any of us.  I believe she is a great role model for my teenage daughter and I knew that Emmalee would love learning even more about Laura and her life.

Through Heroes of History - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Emmalee has learned that Laura didn't intend to be the family storyteller but she had a great story to tell: the story of her family and her life.  She learned that Laura's prairie life wasn't easy.  She learned that the life the Ingalls lived brought them closer together as a family because they had to work together and share.  She learned the specific places that were most important to Laura throughout the history of her life.  She learned how the Ingalls survived through one of the worst snows in South Dakota history.  She followed as Laura found love and a life with her husband that was better than she could have hoped for.

As a bonus to this book, YWAM Publishing provides an Unit Study to be used along with the book.  This guide really brings the book to life by providing additional information to expand the lessons.  For this book, the unit study guide is aptly named Heroes of History - Laura Ingalls Wilder Unit Study.  This guide is a complete printable guide that covers information shared within the book.

You receive a downloadable file which has a start page that helps you maneuver the guide to make the most of it.  You can select which form of the study guide you'd like to use: Small Group, Classroom or Homeschool.   Of course, we used the homeschool file.  This file is made for the small home classroom or as I like to say the "one room schoolhouse".  It explains how to use this study guide for your homeschool class.  This guide is around 24 pages long.

There are two parts to the guide itself simply named Unit Study-Part One and Unit Study-Part Two. Unit Study-Part One is around 80 pages in length.  The guides are black and white for easy printing.  Through these guides you learn quotes, you breakdown the chapters to better understand them and you are given extra information and additional sources to expand your lessons for your students.  Unit Study-Part Two is a small file that includes the index printables for use with the study.  All these come together for a great study on the character you are researching.

Heroes of History-Laura Ingalls Wilder is available for purchase for $9.99 or if you buy from YWAM Publishing they offer the book for $7.50.  It's also available as an e-Book.  The downloaded Heroes of History-Laura Ingalls Wilder Unit Study Guide is available for purchase for an additional fee.

You can find YWAM Publishing online at:

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The Typing Coach {Crew Review}

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The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a fully online course from The Typing Coach.  This course is designed to teach children and adults to type and use the computer.  This work at your own pace program is perfect for anyone to use.

typing, typing coach, typing test, learn how to type, typing for homeschoolers, typing for kids, learn touch typing, keyboarding, keyboarding practice, typing practice, learn to type

As I mentioned above, this is a fully online program to teach typing to all ages.  It was created by David Kimball who has gone above and beyond to make typing an easy task (class?).  No matter, he's made the complicated issue of typing instruction EASY!

The program uses a combination of written, video and audio instruction to develop teach the skill of typing to students.  Through the program you learn the proper stance for sitting when typing and hand structure with typing.  My favorite part of this program is that it goes at your personal pace so you are never behind.

This program also allows you to test your progress to see how well you are learning and what areas you need to work on.  Some of these tests are timed which measures how quickly your student is typing.  Some are scored to give you an idea of proficiency.

The program's goal is to get students typing at a standard employment goal of over 45 words a minute!  By the program's end, your student should be typing at at least 10 words per minute.  This is a wonderful start for typing.  

Since this is a self-paced course, you can set your own timeline for completion.  Access to the program is for one year but the cost is fair at $17 per Typer for the One Year Access Pass.  This is a steal for a good typing program!

How The Typing Coach Works:

The course begins with a quick introduction and explanation of the layout.  There is a visual tour of the course and an explanation of how to use this course and a word processing program at the same time.  It also explains how you can use the audios and type at the same time.  It's easier than you may realize.

There are student packet printables that should be printed at the beginning of the course in order to prepare for the course.  These printables are used throughout the program for instruction in typing.  They are a PDF download and easily printed.

There is a section of slower paced lessons for your struggling typer or the beginner to use for practice.  They are the same as the core lessons and great for younger students or special needs children who are finding typing more difficult as well.

There's a section that gives an explanation of how to use the testing part of the program.  This part is important for this program to show progress and measure how quickly your student is able to type, as well as how well they are learning their typing lessons.  I never worry with testing but I do feel it's important with typing so to me it's an important aspect of this program and I was glad to see it included.

Next you jump right into the lessons, beginning with posture.  Students learn how important good posture is in typing and for business as well.  Good posture is so important so that you don't have stressed muscles and end up with a hunched back or carpel tunnel issues.

The next step is learning the rows, beginning with the home row where your fingers rest while typing, moving up to the top row and then down to the bottom row.  This is the tricky stuff.  Memorizing the key patterns and placement and how to make them come together is taught through these very important steps.

Following learning the rows, comes learning how to use the shift keys and their importance in typing.  After some practice with these steps, students then learn to add the number row into the mix.  To me the number row is a little more complicated as it contains the symbols we use as well as numbers for typing.

This section is followed by some serious practice where you put everything you've learned in these lessons to use.  It is followed by a final session and then the Conclusion to all the lessons.  This is the basic explanation of the course provided.

The audio's provided are clearly spoken and easy to understand.  The video's could have slightly better quality but they load quickly and are easy to follow along with.  They work great together for instructional purpose though.

How We Used It:

As this program is self-paced, we took our time to use and learn with it.  For review purposes, I used the program as well as my older daughter, mostly.  All the kids showed interest but they lost interest quickly due to the lack of interesting characters to capture their attention and keep them interested in following along.

My daughter learned a lot from watching the videos and following along.  Some of the course parts she was able to complete quickly while others took more time because she kept going back over what she was learning.  She learned that typing properly is tricky stuff.  You really have to pay attention and remember the key placement which can be very challenging.  She kept have to stop and correct herself which was a little frustrating for her but she managed through it.

Overall, I found this course to be a fair program for instruction in typing.  The price is fair, the work isn't too hard though it can be a bit confusing for some students.  It's one I'd recommend to others looking for a typing program for homeschool though or to an older person who needs instruction in typing as well.

Where You Can Buy It:

You can purchase an online subscription to The Typing Coach Online Typing Course for $17 per person for a One Year Subscription directly on The Typing Coach website.  This is a really great deal as I previously mentioned.

You can also find The Typing Coach on Twitter:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/thetypingcoach    Tag:@thetypingcoach

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What It All Meant {Thoughts From Me}

Soon I'm going to take the big step to move us over to WordPress and off this current format for blogging, so this past week, I've been going through old posts and making a few changes that will make this easier for me.  I've also been correcting a few things I didn't know I had been doing wrong with my coding.  (Blogging is a daily learning experience.)  It's a lot but it will be well worth it in the end.

Going through old posts means taking a step back into the past.  This hasn't been easy.  There are things I wish I could erase.  There are things I have deleted just because I don't want to be reminded they happened even with this blog.  Nothing I'm ashamed of, just things it's time to let go of.  I know I can never change the past, and I never would because our past is what makes us who we are today.

I have deleted a few irrelevant posts.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote those.  They were just filling space.

I also took notice that my life was going in a certain direction back then but somewhere I got off that track.  It's a road I'd like to find again, and I will in time.  See, life sometimes hurts so much that you lose yourself and you become someone who covers  the pain with a fake smile or a positive word that deep down doesn't mean a thing. Sometimes the abuse is so hard that you want to pretend it just doesn't exist, so you do pretend and you paint a picture that all is right with the world, even when it isn't.

I took notice that my ex was rarely mentioned in my previous posts.  He was in my day to day life and frequently mentioned on my social media while we were together but not here.  He didn't want to be part of my life and he let me know it so often that I just left him out as much as I could.  I wanted him but he never wanted me and honestly, I'm okay with that now.

I see now that we were not right for each other and God has blessed me more than I could ever have imagined with my husband, Don and our beautiful family.  I see now that God had a bigger and better plan for me.  The experience with my ex was something that was forced and something that was unwanted by one side but  it was an experience I learned greatly from and one I can go forth and share my pain with others like me who need someone to understand.  Having Don in my life gives me hope and strength and love where once their was none.

My blog used to be Christ centered, and though God is still here in my writing,  I wish to find Him again, to share encouragement and love, to spread his Truth through my own testimony for God gave me a great one to share.  I wish to help others, to inspire them, to show them that a better life is ahead, not to give up and to fight for what their heart desires, for it will come.  With God all things are possible and our dreams will come true.

So here I am, finding my way again, working on bigger things that will come about in time.

Until then...


Friday, May 19, 2017

Captain Absolutely {Crew Review}

Action, character, comic book, ethics

From Focus On The Family comes a brand new hero to encourage your little ones:

Captain Absolutely

Defending truth, justice and lots more

Battle Against Dr. Relative

Action, character, comic book, ethics

Focus On The Family, creators of Adventures in Odyssey, has done it again by creating a brand new comic book hero to guide your little ones to goodness, to justice, truth and best of all to God.  Through Captain Absolutely, your children will learn that good always triumphs over evil.  But as a bonus they'll also pick up several Bible verses throughout the story as they read.

Captain Absolutely is a comic book.  It is a little over 100 pages in length and filled with fun for children of all ages.  This book is a softcover paperback book but it's not paper thin like your usual comics.  This comic book is in book form.

Captain Absolutely starts as a regular person, like most super heroes, His name is Josiah and he's just as normal as can be but as with most super hero stories, a major explosion happens and Josiah becomes spectacular, better than he could have ever imagined.  He becomes Captain Absolutely!

Join Josiah and his friends as they battle Dr. Relative to proclaim justice and overcome the evil that Dr. Relative is trying to create.  Learn some key passages from the Bible along the way.  Gain a new super hero to love for your little ones.

As soon as Captain Absolutely arrived in my mailbox I handed it over to the kids who passed it around to read.  First Winston took a look and he enjoyed the short sentences making it easy to read.  Emma really loved the artwork throughout.  Laycie enjoyed that it was written simply and easy to understand throughout.  Jack enjoyed the pictures and the story when he made his older siblings read it to him.

I, personally, am not a huge comic book fan as the jumping around on the pages usually gives me a headache but my children enjoy things like this so I knew they'd LOVE Captain Absolutely!  And they did!

Captain Absolutely is available for purchase for $9.99.  I'm sure your children will love this one as much as mine have!

You Can Find Focus On The Family Online At:

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blogging Rocks {Thoughts From Me}

Ok. Truth.

I enjoy blogging.
I enjoy seeing new faces in my friends list online.
I enjoy sharing my life with those new faces, and letting them get to know us better.
I enjoy getting to know those new faces better too.
I love writing, though it's not always easy or flowing or something I have time to do.

In 10th grade, my English teacher suggested I become a writer.  On that day, I thought he was absolutely crazy, had completely lost his mind.  I'm talking NUTS was this man.  On this day, I'm thinking ok, maybe he knew me better than I gave him credit for.

There are days when I burn to write.  When all my thoughts jumble up and fight to see who comes out on top.  Today's winner: blogging and writing! LOL

Oh I enjoy reading too.  Reading about moments in other's lives.  Reading funny messages.  Reading statuses, both good and bad.  Seeing photos that match the sweetest and not so sweet moments in life.  It's modern day letter writing at it's best.  Quick, easy and so much joy.

Someone recently asked me why people want to put such things online.  My answer: why not?  Why not share your life, touch others, build friendships you wouldn't have any other way?  Why not share the good and the bad with those that come in life with those who care about you?  Why not recieve support that would otherwise be lacking in your life, by allowing others to see you at both your best and your weakest?  Isn't sharing the love what God intended for us all?  To help each other through, hold each other up, pray for one another.  Weren't these things all God's intention in allowing us to live? 

I am often thankful for this little connection that allows me to share and support others.  I have shared God's word and love many times thanks to the internet and blogging.  Sometimes big blessings come in small packages that lead to bigger things.  And in my opinion, blogging rocks!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homeschool Rescue {Crew Review}

A little while ago the Crew was asked to take a look at this new online program for parents that could help with homeschooling challenges we may be facing.  There wasn't a lot of information because this program was so new but what a blessing it has been!  Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity was a program that I wasn't sure I needed when I first agreed to review it but in the end, it's been the best online program I think I may have ever been blessed to use!

What It Is:

Homeschool Rescue is a complete online course offered by Only Passionate Curiosity to help struggling homeschooling families, specifically parents overcome the challenges we face every day. 

 If your day to day as a homeschool parent feels like a struggle, this is for you.  If you have trouble dealing with your kids behavior as a homeschool parent, this is for you.  If you need someone to put a boot in your butt to get you on track (lovingly, of course) this is for you!  If you're totally disorganized, unsure what to do next, can't focus on schooling because your home, life, relationships are a mess, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Heather from OPC helps you work through all of these issues you may be facing by being supportive, straightforward and making you wake up to find a way to change these things that challenge you.  She provides the tools necessary to get you back where you want to be in your homeschooling and home life.  She helps you strengthen your relationships, find support for yourself and become organized, adept and ready to face whatever comes next.

What You Get When You Sign Up For This eCourse:

When you join Homeschool Rescue you are given lifetime access to this course for a one-time price of $97 for the Homeschool Rescue eCourse or $137 for the Homeschool Rescue VIP Support.

With the Homeschool Rescue eCourse you are given lifetime access to the full course of over 20 lessons, complete with audio and written transcripts.  The actual online course includes videos for every single lesson as well and also includes homework, printable workbook assignments and other links for you to further develop with your lessons.  The bonus resources are exceptional for expanding your personal growth.  You also receive online support from other parents through the Facebook group (some pretty exceptional ladies from the Homeschool Review Crew are in this group).  And there is additional bonus content added new frequently.

With the Homeschool Rescue VIP Support option, you get all of the above PLUS three one on one coaching sessions with Heather personally!

How I Used This eCourse:

This is a fully online eCourse.  I was able to log-in daily to access it.  Sometimes several times a day.  I could listen and relisten to the ecourse videos as much as I needed to and trust me, sometimes I needed to listen 3 or 4 times to have it really sink in.

I was able to print all my ecourse materials directly from the ecourse itself.  Each module breaks down into lessons and each lesson comes with it's own video (modules too) and it's own work to be completed, links to look over to help expand the lesson, and even some activities.  You work at your own pace.  You do as much as you wish to.  You come back again and again if that's what you need.  And you stop when you need as well.  There's no time frame on how to complete this course.  It works for you, with you and I really enjoyed that aspect.

I'll be honest, I haven't completed this ecourse yet.  I cannot tell you what that last lessons says.  I have taken my time working on this because I personally needed this ecourses help.  I know others who can use this ecourses help as well and I will be suggesting it to all I see.

Heather saw a need in the homeschooling community and she created a program to meet that need.  I'm truly thankful she was led to do this.  I'm truly thankful for the support this program gives to those of us who struggle with our homeschools.

To Join In With Homeschool Rescue:

You can join the Homeschool Rescue eCourse by signing up on the Only Passionate Curiosity website.  I know $97 may be a lot for some of us but this ecourse is worth every single penny.  If you're struggling and need help, you'll find it here with Heather and her friends.

You Can Also Find Heather and Only Passionate Curiosity In The Following Places Online:

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Friday, May 12, 2017

An Author Interview with Lori Wildenberg {Author Interview}

Last week I did a review of Messy Journey by Lori Wildenberg.  This week I invited Lori over to our blog for a brief interview for her to share more about this wonderful book she has written.  Messy Journey is a book that truly speaks volumes to all who have been blessed to read it, including myself.

Messy Journey deals with the sticky situations we as Christians sometimes find ourselves facing and although this book was written to be a guide for Parents, I found it helpful for my own life.  As I mentioned in our review of Messy Journey, as a person who has lived in Sinful situations for many years of my life, I've often felt judged for my choices by other Sinners even though today's world if filled with constant sin. I've often wished there was a book that explained to me how to ask Forgiveness and to forgive myself with God's help despite my sins and the judgments against me.  Messy Journey provides that.

You can find our review of Messy Journey here.

Reading Lori's responses to these questions, I found that we have a lot in common.  Lori always wanted to be a teacher and a Mom, just like me and through God's plan for her life, and mine as well, we both are blessed to be doing these things in our lives.

Lori has also struggled with the unexpected in her life but she's been able to overcome these struggles with God by her side, just as I have.  We are nothing without God's guidance in our lives.  Lori shows this daily in her outreach to others, both through her books and through her presence online and in person.

Now onto the interview, you've so patiently been waiting for:

1. How would you describe your writing in general to someone who hasn't read any of your books?
My books are written for moms and dads in the trenches of parenting. They are for parents who are looking for another way to raise kids other than simply behavior modification or natural consequences. If families seek to encourage grace, responsibility, and interdependence my parenting books will provide faith-based, practical, and easily applicable help and support. My mission is to help families build connections that last a lifetime. My parenting philosophy is not only to encourage desirable behavior but to raise kids in a way that encourages character development and spiritual growth. It is best to work from the inside out rather than the outside in; grow the heart, adjust the behavior.

 2. What inspired you to write Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home?
Life doesn’t always go the way we expect. As parents, we can do everything “right” and still have a child who veers off the expected path. With my daughter’s permission and input, I share our journey— the struggles a prodigal child brings and how to live life in the middle of the mess.

3. How would you describe this book to someone in a 30 second blurb?
Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home is for parents walking the difficult road with a wayward child. This book is filled with stories from dozens of Christian parents and some prodigals. It includes my personal journey with my same-sex attracted daughter. The book is vulnerable and honest. No matter why a parent has a prodigal (or if you love someone who does) this book will bring comfort, help, and encouragement.  Practical grace- and truth-filled ways of navigating a relationship with a detoured child who is rejecting faith, dabbling in sin, or wholeheartedly embracing sinful behavior are given. There is hope.    

4. How did you research or plan your book?
Both personally and professionally I have experienced the messy journey. I have personally lived-out the journey and walked alongside many families who are heart broken and weary because their child has taken a detour.

5.  Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book? 
Messy Journey is for the wounded and weary parent and for those who love them. It is also a resource for counselors, pastors, and support group leaders.  This book offers biblical truth, helpful strategies, prayers, and hope for the hurting and often lonely parent.

 6. What sparked your interest in this topic?
This is a book I didn’t want to write. Having a child who has gone astray not only causes heartache it can be isolating and shaming. No one wants the hurt, the pain that a prodigal brings. But as only God can do, in my grief He tenderized me and moved me to reach out to bring comfort and encouragement to other families facing major struggles with their child.

7. What do you hope readers will gain from the book?
My prayer is that the moms and dads reading this book feel encouraged and less alone. My hope is that by reading the stories of others and implementing the suggestions presented they feel empowered to get through the day and to never give up.

 8. How did personal experience impact writing this book?
My personal experience provides the overarching feeling of connection from the reader to author. Even if the reader’s struggle looks different from mine there are common threads and truths when one is the parent of a prodigal.

 9. How much of your own life goes into your books?
This book isn’t only about my daughter and me, it is filled with many parents and their stories. The prodigals’ substance abuse, sexual sin, and/or rejection of faith are all topics that are addressed. As society normalizes sin, Christian parents feel as if they are constantly fighting the culture. But we have a God who always wins and never gives up!

10. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a teacher and a mom. I am thankful I have been able to wear both hats. I am passionate about helping parents be the moms and dads their kids need. I never considered becoming an author. In the first parenting course I developed and taught, a few of the participants told me I should put the information in a book. I told them I was too busy raising my four kids, they could take notes. Messy Journey is my fourth parenting book. God can do the impossible, even with a resistant and rebellious heart.

I truly hope you enjoyed this interview with Lori Wildenberg and that Messy Journey blesses you as it has me.  We are none perfect and are all walking in this imperfect journey together.  Messy Journey aims to make that struggle a little easier to get through and understand, showing that we are not alone and that Forgiveness is what matters most.

Messy Journey is available for purchase on Amazon for $13.48 in Paperback or $9.99 on Kindle.

A Little More About Lori Wildenberg:

Lori Wildenberg is passionate about helping families build connections that last a life time. She is a licensed parent-family educator and co-founder of 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting. She has written 4 parenting books with Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home published by New Hope as her most recent. She is a parent consultant, national speaker, and lead Mentor Mom over at the Moms Together Facebook Community Page. Lori is a contributor to a number of on-line magazines. Every Monday you can find her blogging about faith and family at loriwildenberg.blogspot.com . Mostly, Lori is wife to Tom and mom of four. The Wildenberg's home is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A perfect day in Lori's world is a hike with her hubby, four kids plus a daughter-in-love, and Murphy the family labradoodle.

You can find Lori Wildenberg online at:

LIKE us on Facebook:

Additional Books by Lori Wildenberg:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

No Miracle Cures {Epilepsy Awareness} {Epilepsy and Essential Oils/Natural Treatments}

As a Mom with Epilepsy, raising children with Epilepsy, I try my best to treat my children as naturally as possible with as little medications as we can have.  This has been a huge challenge to do and it's taken me a lot of personal time and research to find what does and doesn't work for us.

Truth is, there is no miracle fix for this disorder.  I wish there was.  There is no easy self-remedy.  There is no exceptional hidden method that will heal, prevent or change this for you or your child.

I cannot tell you what to use for you or your family.  I cannot suggest any method to make this go away.  I can only share with you what has worked for us.

There are many alternative treatments available for treating Epilepsy.  There is also medication which sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one. Medication is always our first choice for treatment but when medication alone didn't work, I began to research alternatives which lead me to create the Facebook group, Epilepsy and Essential Oils/Natural Treatments.

In our group, I share what things I find online that I have personal found helpful or I think others may find helpful.  Many of these treatments I have not tried myself but I do see others in various Epilepsy groups who may have given it a try.  Sometimes the alternative treatments work and sometimes they don't.

You see alternative treatment is just like medicine.  What works for one person or family will not necessarily have the same results for the next person or family.  We're all different.  We all metabolize medications, herbs, essential oils, etc differently.  Therefore, all medications and alternative treatments are trail and error.

But don't give up hope that you will find something that helps your loved one or yourself.  There's always a chance that the one thing you try helps you have a better life.  There's always a chance that you will discover that "miracle" treatment you need for your loved one.

For us, that was Essential Oils.  When my son was medication resistant Essential Oils gave us back a small part of normalcy and allowed him to get through his seizures with less stress.  It wasn't a 100% fix for him but it was hope and a small blessings none-the-less.

The one thing I have learned on this journey with Epilepsy is that we are the best researchers and advocates for our loved ones but we must have a solid, trusting relationship with our neurologists as well.  I listen to their advice just as much as I follow my own gut on this.  And it has led to us being able to find stable treatments for my children and myself.

Do your own research as well.  Follow the instincts you were born with.  Search until you find the answers you seek.  If you feel strongly there's a better way, then you'll usually find there is.

Many blessings,
Dana Lambert-Hodge

May 11, 2017 {Simple Woman's Daybook}

For Today:
May 11, 2017

Outside my window, I hear trucks passing by.

I am thinking about redoing our house.

I am thankful that I have a husband who is absolutely wonderful and loves me and my children greatly.

From my learning, I am learning grace.

From the kitchen, I smell tea cooking on the stovetop.

I am wearing leggings and a comfy shirt.

I am creating blog posts for the future.

I am going to prepare my children for their future.

I am hoping that we can find a way to get ahead.

I am hearing Emmalee and Jackson building puzzles together at the dining table.

Around the house, I have organizing to do.

One of my favorite things: sweet hugs from my children.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Mow the grass.
Write reviews for both Women Who Move Mountains and Knights In Training.

A thought to share:
God never fails us.

A quote I like:
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos {FrontGate Review}

For this review, we were sent some goodies from Armed With Truth.  Armed With Truth provides quality temporary scripture tattoos that are safe and non-toxic.  You can share and wear the word simply by placing on one of their many tattoo designs.

For this review, we chose the Comforted collection from the Verse Ten Pack Tattoos collection and the Grace Tattoo by Patrick Maxcy from the Designer Tattoo collection.  All of the temporary tattoos were well designed and easy to apply.  You simply peel off the plastic cover, place against your skin or wherever you'd like to place these, and  then place a wet cloth (I used a napkin) to saturate so they peel off with ease.

These tattoos last 3-5 days.  I placed mine on my hand though and found it only last me 2 days because of frequent hand washing.  The second time I tried them I placed them further up my arm with better results.  They lasted four days that time.

My children also liked these tattoos.  They enjoyed the verses shared by them.  It was a great way to spread and share the word with others.

Our set contained verses from Psalms and other comforting verses from the Bible.  There were tattoos with longer and shorter verses.  All of the tattoos were encouraging.

From the Designer collection, we received the Grace tattoo.  I loved this one!  It features the wing of an angel, much like my personal wing tattoo I have on my back.  They were small size wise but great for a shoulder or upper arm.  I chose this image because of my love of Angel wings and the strength they show.  Grace brought that same feeling to me when I saw it and when I wore it as well.

You can purchase your very own set of temporary tattoos in a style that fits you from Armed With Truth for $10.99 for the Verse Ten Packs or $4.99 for the Designer Collection.  With any Verse Ten Pack Collection, you receive ten temporary tattoos.  With any Designer Collection tattoo set you receive two tattoos in the design requested.

For our readers, Armed With Truth is offering a 20% off coupon if you use the code luvnlambert at checkout.


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