Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos {FrontGate Review}

For this review, we were sent some goodies from Armed With Truth.  Armed With Truth provides quality temporary scripture tattoos that are safe and non-toxic.  You can share and wear the word simply by placing on one of their many tattoo designs.

For this review, we chose the Comforted collection from the Verse Ten Pack Tattoos collection and the Grace Tattoo by Patrick Maxcy from the Designer Tattoo collection.  All of the temporary tattoos were well designed and easy to apply.  You simply peel off the plastic cover, place against your skin or wherever you'd like to place these, and  then place a wet cloth (I used a napkin) to saturate so they peel off with ease.

These tattoos last 3-5 days.  I placed mine on my hand though and found it only last me 2 days because of frequent hand washing.  The second time I tried them I placed them further up my arm with better results.  They lasted four days that time.

My children also liked these tattoos.  They enjoyed the verses shared by them.  It was a great way to spread and share the word with others.

Our set contained verses from Psalms and other comforting verses from the Bible.  There were tattoos with longer and shorter verses.  All of the tattoos were encouraging.

From the Designer collection, we received the Grace tattoo.  I loved this one!  It features the wing of an angel, much like my personal wing tattoo I have on my back.  They were small size wise but great for a shoulder or upper arm.  I chose this image because of my love of Angel wings and the strength they show.  Grace brought that same feeling to me when I saw it and when I wore it as well.

You can purchase your very own set of temporary tattoos in a style that fits you from Armed With Truth for $10.99 for the Verse Ten Packs or $4.99 for the Designer Collection.  With any Verse Ten Pack Collection, you receive ten temporary tattoos.  With any Designer Collection tattoo set you receive two tattoos in the design requested.

For our readers, Armed With Truth is offering a 20% off coupon if you use the code luvnlambert at checkout.

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