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ArtAchieve® {Crew Review}

Entire Level I

For this review, we were gifted the art level of our choice from ArtAchieve®.  I wanted to be able to use this product with my younger children so I chose Entire Level I as our product for review.  This allowed my children to start from the beginning and work their way up.

What We Received:

We were sent access to ArtAchieve®'s online program's subscription for Entire Level I.  There are 12 lessons in this Level. The first 3 lessons of Entire Level I are free so I had to download those separately after signing up but it was very easy to do.  These lessons give a basis in drawing and shading for young children.

How It Works:

 ArtAchieve® is an online program.  You must sign up and add your levels to your subscription.  You can choose any entire level, I-V.  I started with Entire Level I to have my children work there way from the beginning to higher into the program.  You can purchase each lesson separately but the best deal is to purchase the level bundle which gives you a 25% discount when buying.  Entire Level I would cost $40 without the bundle discount but costs $30 with the discount applied at purchase.

Each of the lessons are basically the same but showing a different art.  There are downloadable sheets for you to print out for your student to work on their art.  One sheet gives them practice with drawing their shapes and lines as they work through the lesson.  The other sheet gives them the drawing of what they are working on to color and design in the style they are doing.

There are videos and powerpoint displays used to teach the lessons.  The powerpoint lessons are for you to teach your students.  They are simple in design and show you the related Cross Curricular Connections and Art Standards taught with that lesson.  They flow quickly by but you can pause where needed to read about the art technique and the ideals and artists behind the art form.

The videos are fast and fun.  The man teaching the lessons shows you actual techniques and design style used in the each lesson.  He brings the lesson to life through these videos.

All of these elements work together to create a whole lesson for your student to easily be able to follow and complete.  The lessons are for 4th grade through Adult but younger students could use this program as well.  It's well designed and easy to complete for each lesson.

Cross Curricular Connections

On the main page of each lesson, you will find more of the Cross Curricular Connections, which helps you to expand the lesson to other parts of your student's educational program.  For instance, In Entire Level I, Art Lesson 3: The Hungarian Insects, it is suggested you visit the PBS website to learn more about Hungary, that you read a book about Hungary and learn quick facts about Hungary through the provided links.  Several of Eric Carle's beautiful designed insect books are suggested for English and Reading lesssons.  There are even related Science links to learn more about Insects as you complete the lesson.

How We Used It:

ArtAchieve® wasn't hard to implement into our day to day lessons at all.  I was able to show the kids a lesson and show them a completed product of the lesson and they were able to work on them easily.  I did worksheets from the lesson with my younger kids and had my older daughter draw the design herself and color it in her style.  They all enjoyed using this to create Art of their own.

How You Can Get ArtAchieve®

ArtAchieve® is available by online subscription to their website.  There are different levels to choose from and you can start with any level.  Each lesson costs between $4-$6 in price or can be purchased for a discount as a bundle together.

Places To Find ArtAchieve® Online:

Facebook:  @Artachieve
Instagram:  @johnahofland
Twitter: @ArtAchieve
Pinterest:  artachieve
Google+:  ArtAchieve

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