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Captain Absolutely {Crew Review}

Action, character, comic book, ethics

From Focus On The Family comes a brand new hero to encourage your little ones:

Captain Absolutely

Defending truth, justice and lots more

Battle Against Dr. Relative

Action, character, comic book, ethics

Focus On The Family, creators of Adventures in Odyssey, has done it again by creating a brand new comic book hero to guide your little ones to goodness, to justice, truth and best of all to God.  Through Captain Absolutely, your children will learn that good always triumphs over evil.  But as a bonus they'll also pick up several Bible verses throughout the story as they read.

Captain Absolutely is a comic book.  It is a little over 100 pages in length and filled with fun for children of all ages.  This book is a softcover paperback book but it's not paper thin like your usual comics.  This comic book is in book form.

Captain Absolutely starts as a regular person, like most super heroes, His name is Josiah and he's just as normal as can be but as with most super hero stories, a major explosion happens and Josiah becomes spectacular, better than he could have ever imagined.  He becomes Captain Absolutely!

Join Josiah and his friends as they battle Dr. Relative to proclaim justice and overcome the evil that Dr. Relative is trying to create.  Learn some key passages from the Bible along the way.  Gain a new super hero to love for your little ones.

As soon as Captain Absolutely arrived in my mailbox I handed it over to the kids who passed it around to read.  First Winston took a look and he enjoyed the short sentences making it easy to read.  Emma really loved the artwork throughout.  Laycie enjoyed that it was written simply and easy to understand throughout.  Jack enjoyed the pictures and the story when he made his older siblings read it to him.

I, personally, am not a huge comic book fan as the jumping around on the pages usually gives me a headache but my children enjoy things like this so I knew they'd LOVE Captain Absolutely!  And they did!

Captain Absolutely is available for purchase for $9.99.  I'm sure your children will love this one as much as mine have!

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