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Homeschool Rescue {Crew Review}

A little while ago the Crew was asked to take a look at this new online program for parents that could help with homeschooling challenges we may be facing.  There wasn't a lot of information because this program was so new but what a blessing it has been!  Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity was a program that I wasn't sure I needed when I first agreed to review it but in the end, it's been the best online program I think I may have ever been blessed to use!

What It Is:

Homeschool Rescue is a complete online course offered by Only Passionate Curiosity to help struggling homeschooling families, specifically parents overcome the challenges we face every day. 

 If your day to day as a homeschool parent feels like a struggle, this is for you.  If you have trouble dealing with your kids behavior as a homeschool parent, this is for you.  If you need someone to put a boot in your butt to get you on track (lovingly, of course) this is for you!  If you're totally disorganized, unsure what to do next, can't focus on schooling because your home, life, relationships are a mess, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Heather from OPC helps you work through all of these issues you may be facing by being supportive, straightforward and making you wake up to find a way to change these things that challenge you.  She provides the tools necessary to get you back where you want to be in your homeschooling and home life.  She helps you strengthen your relationships, find support for yourself and become organized, adept and ready to face whatever comes next.

What You Get When You Sign Up For This eCourse:

When you join Homeschool Rescue you are given lifetime access to this course for a one-time price of $97 for the Homeschool Rescue eCourse or $137 for the Homeschool Rescue VIP Support.

With the Homeschool Rescue eCourse you are given lifetime access to the full course of over 20 lessons, complete with audio and written transcripts.  The actual online course includes videos for every single lesson as well and also includes homework, printable workbook assignments and other links for you to further develop with your lessons.  The bonus resources are exceptional for expanding your personal growth.  You also receive online support from other parents through the Facebook group (some pretty exceptional ladies from the Homeschool Review Crew are in this group).  And there is additional bonus content added new frequently.

With the Homeschool Rescue VIP Support option, you get all of the above PLUS three one on one coaching sessions with Heather personally!

How I Used This eCourse:

This is a fully online eCourse.  I was able to log-in daily to access it.  Sometimes several times a day.  I could listen and relisten to the ecourse videos as much as I needed to and trust me, sometimes I needed to listen 3 or 4 times to have it really sink in.

I was able to print all my ecourse materials directly from the ecourse itself.  Each module breaks down into lessons and each lesson comes with it's own video (modules too) and it's own work to be completed, links to look over to help expand the lesson, and even some activities.  You work at your own pace.  You do as much as you wish to.  You come back again and again if that's what you need.  And you stop when you need as well.  There's no time frame on how to complete this course.  It works for you, with you and I really enjoyed that aspect.

I'll be honest, I haven't completed this ecourse yet.  I cannot tell you what that last lessons says.  I have taken my time working on this because I personally needed this ecourses help.  I know others who can use this ecourses help as well and I will be suggesting it to all I see.

Heather saw a need in the homeschooling community and she created a program to meet that need.  I'm truly thankful she was led to do this.  I'm truly thankful for the support this program gives to those of us who struggle with our homeschools.

To Join In With Homeschool Rescue:

You can join the Homeschool Rescue eCourse by signing up on the Only Passionate Curiosity website.  I know $97 may be a lot for some of us but this ecourse is worth every single penny.  If you're struggling and need help, you'll find it here with Heather and her friends.

You Can Also Find Heather and Only Passionate Curiosity In The Following Places Online:

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