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Lamplighter Publishing {Crew Review}

The Secret Bridge

Lamplighter Publishing creates publications that truly speak to you.  From books to theatrical audios, Lamplighter Publishing creates quality content that is wholesome in content.  For this review, we were given a copy of The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre to read and review.

This is the prettiest book I have ever seen.  Pretty doesn't even describe it.  It's absolutely gorgeous in design.  From the teal blue leather cover, with it's carved and gilded design to the thick paper pages with their scrolling script design.  This book rivals the beautiful books of the past and is now one of my absolute favorites in our book collection, along with my late 1800's math primer and my 1800's copy of an early medical book.

The Secret Bridge tells the story of sweet Bridget who finds herself on a ship while mourning the death of her loved ones.  She meets Godfrey who is absolutely mesmerized by her.  She brings a longing to his heart that can only be filled by her love.

Godfrey convinces sweet Bridget to marry him but there are many secrets surrounding their relationship.  They keep their marriage secret from his family and friends.  This is disheartening to Bridget who suffers mild depression already from her great family loss and she begs Godfrey to tell the truth.

Love brings these two together and love will bring their family together as well as they learn to overcome, tell the truth and trust in the Lord for their happiness.

It is suggested that this book is a coming of age story but as it is a love story, sharing of marriage, I suggest it more for a young lady or gentleman who is a little older, more 12 or 14 in age, depending on level of maturity.  There is nothing shameful, or out of the way shared within it but the ideal of marriage is more of a subject for older students in my opinion.  However, it is a great story to prepare young girls for romance and I truly would have enjoyed it as a first romance novel as a child myself.  As an adult and a lover of all things Romance and Historical Romance, I greatly enjoyed this book myself.

The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre from Lamplighter Publishing is available for $28.  It is worth every penny spent.  It is a hardcover book with a gorgeously designed cover.  It is part of the Lamplighter Collection of books.

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