Sunday, May 7, 2017

Messy Journey {Book Launch Review}

Messy Journey

Lori Wildenberg

Have you ever faced a challenge in life you just weren't sure about?  Have you ever wondered what God thinks?  Do you wish there was a book to help you through the tough times or tough topics like sex before marriage, sexual orientation, gender issues, living with a partner while unmarried and more?  Messy Journey by Lori Wildenberg helps in dealing with these tough questions, showing you how to find strength in God's word while facing these tough choices that other's (and we) sometimes make.

As a parent, Lori Wildenberg was faced with a tough situation when her daughter chose a different path then Lori's beliefs provided for.  Lori found herself searching for answers and peace with her daughter's life choices, while Lori's daughter found herself in the opposite place of trying to find peace with her own decisions for her life.  This situation and Lori's search to find peace and truth in God's word led her to writing this book for all parent's and person's who may find themselves in a similar situation.

As a person who has lived in Sin many years of my life, I am often in the situation of being judged for my personal choices as well as feeling guilty for those choices.  In the past, I have personally made the decision to cohabitate without being married, as well as have sex without marriage with the men I have lived with.  Though today's world is filled with sins like my own, I find it's still a very judged situation.  I have often wished for a book that reached my soul on the subject, showing me how to ask forgiveness for myself as well as how to live despite my sins and judgments against me. 

Messy Journey has been a blessing to me.  I know it will be a blessing to others.  Lori doesn't condone these sins but she does not condemn them either.  She shows us that we each have to make our own choices, good and bad.  She shows that God still loves despite of these choices, that His Faith is always strong for us, even when ours is weak.  She shows us that God has a bigger plan and that we should never give up.  We should always be willing to forgive as God has shown grace and forgiveness to each of us through all eternity.

Messy Journey helps show the way home to God and all His Love for us.  This book is one that speaks to your soul and helps you get through the toughest times.  As a parent, an aunt, a woman, I found this book to be enlightening in so many ways on so many things that touch my life.  It will definitely be a benefit to others who, like me, struggle to find hope in the dark times and strength in believing when choices seem to be the opposite of what they should be.

Messy Journey is for so much more than the struggling parent.  It's for the struggling Aunt, the struggling sister, the struggling child.  You can grab your copy of
Messy Journey today for $13.48 in paperback on Amazon or $9.99 on Kindle.

You can find Lori Wildenberg at her online home, Eternal Moments with Lori Wildenberg.

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