Thursday, May 11, 2017

No Miracle Cures {Epilepsy Awareness} {Epilepsy and Essential Oils/Natural Treatments}

As a Mom with Epilepsy, raising children with Epilepsy, I try my best to treat my children as naturally as possible with as little medications as we can have.  This has been a huge challenge to do and it's taken me a lot of personal time and research to find what does and doesn't work for us.

Truth is, there is no miracle fix for this disorder.  I wish there was.  There is no easy self-remedy.  There is no exceptional hidden method that will heal, prevent or change this for you or your child.

I cannot tell you what to use for you or your family.  I cannot suggest any method to make this go away.  I can only share with you what has worked for us.

There are many alternative treatments available for treating Epilepsy.  There is also medication which sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one. Medication is always our first choice for treatment but when medication alone didn't work, I began to research alternatives which lead me to create the Facebook group, Epilepsy and Essential Oils/Natural Treatments.

In our group, I share what things I find online that I have personal found helpful or I think others may find helpful.  Many of these treatments I have not tried myself but I do see others in various Epilepsy groups who may have given it a try.  Sometimes the alternative treatments work and sometimes they don't.

You see alternative treatment is just like medicine.  What works for one person or family will not necessarily have the same results for the next person or family.  We're all different.  We all metabolize medications, herbs, essential oils, etc differently.  Therefore, all medications and alternative treatments are trail and error.

But don't give up hope that you will find something that helps your loved one or yourself.  There's always a chance that the one thing you try helps you have a better life.  There's always a chance that you will discover that "miracle" treatment you need for your loved one.

For us, that was Essential Oils.  When my son was medication resistant Essential Oils gave us back a small part of normalcy and allowed him to get through his seizures with less stress.  It wasn't a 100% fix for him but it was hope and a small blessings none-the-less.

The one thing I have learned on this journey with Epilepsy is that we are the best researchers and advocates for our loved ones but we must have a solid, trusting relationship with our neurologists as well.  I listen to their advice just as much as I follow my own gut on this.  And it has led to us being able to find stable treatments for my children and myself.

Do your own research as well.  Follow the instincts you were born with.  Search until you find the answers you seek.  If you feel strongly there's a better way, then you'll usually find there is.

Many blessings,
Dana Lambert-Hodge

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