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The Typing Coach {Crew Review}

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The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a fully online course from The Typing Coach.  This course is designed to teach children and adults to type and use the computer.  This work at your own pace program is perfect for anyone to use.

typing, typing coach, typing test, learn how to type, typing for homeschoolers, typing for kids, learn touch typing, keyboarding, keyboarding practice, typing practice, learn to type

As I mentioned above, this is a fully online program to teach typing to all ages.  It was created by David Kimball who has gone above and beyond to make typing an easy task (class?).  No matter, he's made the complicated issue of typing instruction EASY!

The program uses a combination of written, video and audio instruction to develop teach the skill of typing to students.  Through the program you learn the proper stance for sitting when typing and hand structure with typing.  My favorite part of this program is that it goes at your personal pace so you are never behind.

This program also allows you to test your progress to see how well you are learning and what areas you need to work on.  Some of these tests are timed which measures how quickly your student is typing.  Some are scored to give you an idea of proficiency.

The program's goal is to get students typing at a standard employment goal of over 45 words a minute!  By the program's end, your student should be typing at at least 10 words per minute.  This is a wonderful start for typing.  

Since this is a self-paced course, you can set your own timeline for completion.  Access to the program is for one year but the cost is fair at $17 per Typer for the One Year Access Pass.  This is a steal for a good typing program!

How The Typing Coach Works:

The course begins with a quick introduction and explanation of the layout.  There is a visual tour of the course and an explanation of how to use this course and a word processing program at the same time.  It also explains how you can use the audios and type at the same time.  It's easier than you may realize.

There are student packet printables that should be printed at the beginning of the course in order to prepare for the course.  These printables are used throughout the program for instruction in typing.  They are a PDF download and easily printed.

There is a section of slower paced lessons for your struggling typer or the beginner to use for practice.  They are the same as the core lessons and great for younger students or special needs children who are finding typing more difficult as well.

There's a section that gives an explanation of how to use the testing part of the program.  This part is important for this program to show progress and measure how quickly your student is able to type, as well as how well they are learning their typing lessons.  I never worry with testing but I do feel it's important with typing so to me it's an important aspect of this program and I was glad to see it included.

Next you jump right into the lessons, beginning with posture.  Students learn how important good posture is in typing and for business as well.  Good posture is so important so that you don't have stressed muscles and end up with a hunched back or carpel tunnel issues.

The next step is learning the rows, beginning with the home row where your fingers rest while typing, moving up to the top row and then down to the bottom row.  This is the tricky stuff.  Memorizing the key patterns and placement and how to make them come together is taught through these very important steps.

Following learning the rows, comes learning how to use the shift keys and their importance in typing.  After some practice with these steps, students then learn to add the number row into the mix.  To me the number row is a little more complicated as it contains the symbols we use as well as numbers for typing.

This section is followed by some serious practice where you put everything you've learned in these lessons to use.  It is followed by a final session and then the Conclusion to all the lessons.  This is the basic explanation of the course provided.

The audio's provided are clearly spoken and easy to understand.  The video's could have slightly better quality but they load quickly and are easy to follow along with.  They work great together for instructional purpose though.

How We Used It:

As this program is self-paced, we took our time to use and learn with it.  For review purposes, I used the program as well as my older daughter, mostly.  All the kids showed interest but they lost interest quickly due to the lack of interesting characters to capture their attention and keep them interested in following along.

My daughter learned a lot from watching the videos and following along.  Some of the course parts she was able to complete quickly while others took more time because she kept going back over what she was learning.  She learned that typing properly is tricky stuff.  You really have to pay attention and remember the key placement which can be very challenging.  She kept have to stop and correct herself which was a little frustrating for her but she managed through it.

Overall, I found this course to be a fair program for instruction in typing.  The price is fair, the work isn't too hard though it can be a bit confusing for some students.  It's one I'd recommend to others looking for a typing program for homeschool though or to an older person who needs instruction in typing as well.

Where You Can Buy It:

You can purchase an online subscription to The Typing Coach Online Typing Course for $17 per person for a One Year Subscription directly on The Typing Coach website.  This is a really great deal as I previously mentioned.

You can also find The Typing Coach on Twitter:

Twitter:    Tag:@thetypingcoach

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