Wednesday, June 7, 2017

God Loves Daddy & Me {FrontGate Review}

Bonnie Rickner Jensen

This review comes to us from FrontGate Blogger Network.  We were gifted a free copy of God Loves Daddy & Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen.  A few weeks ago we reviewed another book in this series called God Loves Mommy & Me also written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen.  You can read that review here.

God Loves Daddy & Me is very similar to God Loves Mommy & Me in design and artwork which are both done by Laura Watkins.  Laura and Bonnie work great together to create adorably intriguing books for children.  These books are simply awesome!

God Loves Daddy & Me features an adorable Raccoon Daddy and baby.  These guys really make you want to cuddle them up.  God Loves Mommy and Me featured an adorable set of Bunnies.  The Raccoons are a little more manly, in my opinion, which is great since this story is about Daddy!

The story takes the Raccoons on an adventure together showing all the way through that God is there and God loves them both.  They build forts, they go out in their boat, they take walks together just to talk.  One of my favorite parts is how they work together to get things done, like chores and then they can have lots of fun!

They play and camp, they hug and love and forgive one another.  And best of all, they pray.  Together they pray for the good and the bad in their days.

This is a wonderful christian book for your little one and just in time for Father's Day!  You can grab a copy of God Loves Daddy & Me for $6.50 from Amazon.  You'll love adding this one to your library at home.

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