Thursday, June 15, 2017

Joys of Life With A Little Faith

These are the joys of life.

My husband is no longer working for his previous employer.
My child support has still not started.  Now would be a good time since the above happened.
Emmalee had her 1 year follow-up for her surgery.  She was given orthopedic wedges to place in her shoes on top of her inserts to stretch her inner tendons and a follow-up visit for 6 months.  If these don't work to stretch her foot, she may require surgery again.  I was hoping we were done.
My internet has been slow all day making it difficult to get things done.
The support I do receive for two of my four children is already gone, spent on household needs.
My daughter is still up wandering around though she's been told it's bedtime.
Laycie's script for her Diastat is still not filled two weeks after it was dropped off and the pharmacy had to special order it.
My four year old son had a meltdown the size of Texas earlier because I forgot to buy him the Steelix Pokemon card (thank you people who sell them card by card on eBay).

Through all the negatives in life, I'm still thankful.

I have faith that God will provide for us.  That work will be provided to pay our bills.  That my husband will come through to make that happen.
I have faith that my support will soon begin, that this road is almost over and better things lie ahead for us.
I have faith that God will heal my baby girl, that she'll not need a second surgery and she'll be able to stretch those tendons with her inserts and exercises.
I have faith that Laycie's Diastat will be in soon and her script filled.
I have faith that my baby boy will outgrow these meltdowns that come as he grows older and learn to deal with his feelings in a better manner.

I know God is an amazing God who shows Grace and Mercy on all who love him.  I know my faith is strong even when it's only a mustard seed small.  I know we will overcome to find joy in our day to day as we have always been able to find and enjoy.

God has a plan for us that will not fail.

Until tomorrow or the next time...


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