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K5 Learning for Your Little Ones {Crew Review}

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K5 Learning is one of our favorite supplemental programs for homeschooling.  We've used this Online Program off and on for years with our children, since their early days when they were just the K5 Reading program.  Now they've expanded to cover K5 Math and K5 Spelling as well.

Why Is This A Great Program:

This program is fun for kids but also great for adults who wish to see just how well their children are learning academically.  The program offers online assessments to help evaluate where your child is in their learning.  These assessments cover the 8 key reading and math skills your child should be learning then the program uses these skill assessments to tailor the program to fit your child educationally.  These assessments are also immediately available to view and print for your records.

The program is fully online.  There are no downloads required so no space is taken on your computer or laptop.  You simply log-in and get started.

As an awesome bonus, K5 Learning also provides printable worksheets to bring learning off the computer and on to the learning table at home.  We enjoyed these as they allowed the kids a break from the computer and brought them back to traditional learning educationally.  My kids love worksheets so they really enjoyed this aspect.

Because K5 Learning is tailored to your child through the online assessments, it's hard for your child to become bored with the program.  They are challenged and continuously moved up in the program as they learn key concepts.  Lessons gradually become harder so that they develop as your child develops skills to find answers and complete the tasks at hand.

Kids work independently and at their personal skill level.  This is important to me when homeschooling my children.  I know my kids aren't on any grade level like in the public school systems.  They work on their own personal levels to complete assignments as they are ready.  We have no goals to meet and K5 Learning is set up similarly.  Even though it's developing as my children learn, it's not pushing them to learn things they aren't ready for.  They are learning on their own, at their own pace by using the program for supplemental lessons.

Another great thing is that students receive full instruction through the program.  Some programs just quiz a student on the things they've learned elsewhere but not K5 Learning.  The program instructs and teaches as you work through.

This program is great for Special Needs students as well.  Children with High Functioning Autism can benefit from the program because of it's adjustable pace.  Students with dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and who are slow learners can also benefit from the adjustable pace in learning.  The program doesn't push these students above their learning skills but grows along with them building as they are ready.  This has been a huge asset for our family.

How We Use It:

K5 Learning is for students from Kindergarten through 5 Grade but can be used with younger student who are advanced educationally as well as students who are older that are challenged in learning.  For us, this is a wonderful thing.

My oldest uses K5 Learning to learn key skills that he didn't develop as we first learned these concepts.  His struggle is reading and K5 really allows him to develop better reading skills by working at his pace, and teaching him skills that he didn't grasp in other programs we have used.  Plus he learns better with video games and online activities so this was another huge bonus of the program since it's an online program.

My oldest daughter uses the program as sort of a quiz on things she knows.  It helps her to reinforce things she missed along the way but much of the program is review for her to build her already amazing skills.  Still she enjoys the pace set for her and she enjoys the style of learning online through the provided lessons.

My second daughter used the program briefly in the past but wasn't quite ready for the concepts.  Now she's able to pick up better and understand.  She enjoys the characters and the lessons provided.  She benefits most from the program as these skills are new to her.

My youngest son follows along with his siblings mostly.  The program is slightly above his learning skills but he does listen with the others and has picked up a few things from their lessons.  In another year he'll be ready to join in as well and learn great things through K5 Learning.

How Can You Gain Access To K5 Learning:

You can sign up for a Free 14 Day Trial from K5 Learning on their website.  Cost for the program are $14.95 a month for the first student and $9.95 a month for each additional student.  You can purchase an annual subscription for $119 a year for the first student and $79 a year for each additional student.

You Can Find K5 Learning Online At:

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