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MarshMedia: Videos for Health {Crew Review}

Puberty.  That's a touchy subject whether your child is in Public School, Private School or Homeschooled.  Health.  That's a subject that is sometimes hard to figure out how to cover when Homeschooling.  Health programs for Public Schools don't really seem to fit.  Most curriculum cover Health within their Biology or Science curriculum.  This is where MarshMedia comes in.

MarshMedia provides quality videos that help with the instruction of Health and Puberty for parents and teachers.  We were given access to their Homeschool Special for this review.  This allowed us to view the videos the company offers through their online program.  We were able to choose which of the 59 videos offered we would like to see and view them along with our children to learn more on the topic provided.

Topics that MarshMedia videos cover are:

Growing Up
Body Changes
Washing Hands
Keeping Clean
Aids and Other Diseases
Sun Sense
School Shooting Preparation
Social Skills
And Much Much More!

Now, seeing as I have children of various ages, I found a wealth of great info through these videos to use with my children.

Let's Talk Teens:

Teens tend to be stinky.  They're bodies are changing daily.  There's interest in others.  They become more social, though sometimes awkwardly.  They have real fears to face (like school shootings and bullying).

These videos are great for teens.  They provide information on why hygiene is important.  They provide information on what to do in the event of a school shooting.  They provide information on Social Skills that kids need to know.  Growing up is hard but videos like these from MarshMedia help with that.

Let's Talk Kids:

Kids are inquisitive.  Kids want to learn and sometimes the things they learn are not appropriate to their ages, especially those kids in the Public School.  Children learn from each other and when one child learns something inappropriate at home or elsewhere, you can bet he'll bring that information to the next child and even home with him.

In our old home, my stepson came home at 7 years old, from Kindergarten and taught my then 8 year old about that sticky word, Sex.  As a parent, I was shocked.  7 years old and he knew way more than he should.  Then he taught it to my daughter!  I found them playing Barbies with Barbie and Ken naked laying together.  This was not something I was ready for and it was definitely not something my children were ready for.  But here I was with a 7 year old, an 8 year old and a 10 year old learning from another child something that is important and should be treated with respect.

I immediately made the decision that my children would learn about Sex from me before more influence came home from the Public School, so I pulled a book off the shelf and discussed what I wanted them to know about puberty and sexual basics without going to far at the precious young ages of 8 and 10.  I can honestly say it would have been great to have the puberty videos from MarshMedia available to me then but they've been a great review of things forgotten from our original talks.

Let's Talk Some More:

Sticky topics are important to be covered with your children.  Teaching them correct things about sex is important.  Teaching them good hygiene in important as well.  Teaching them how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and how to live with others who may have them is another important thing.  And teaching them how to survive events like a school shooting or attacks like the recent ones all over the world have become a must in life.

I'm thankful MarshMedia covers many of these things and helps to make teaching these things easier for Parents and Educators.  When you're just not sure where to start or how to breach the conversation, MarshMedia helps make it easier for you.  Simply pick a video on your topic.  They are usually about 15 minutes or so.  Watch the video.  Make key notes that you'd like to point out or discuss.  Then watch the video again with your children.  Talk about what you're watching.   Talk about the key aspects of the lesson provided.  Open the door between you and your child, letting them know it's okay to ask questions, it's okay to have feelings of fear, anxiety, desire, etc.  Whatever they are feeling is normal.

Teach them how to be clean as a Teen.  Yes, this should be learned from birth but sometimes Teens have that mental block that make them struggle with using deodorant and taking time to shower.  We've all been there, some worse than others.  These things are learned at home and these wonderful videos from MarshMedia can definitely help!  I know they have at our house.

What's the Cost:

Normally, these amazing videos from MarshMedia would cost $69.95 each or you can rent them for $29.95 each.  That's a lot when you consider there are 59 videos available.  But MarshMedia has created a wonderful Homeschool Special just for us!

During this limited time offer, you will receive access to stream all 59 videos for $50!  That's less than $1 a video!  This is only available to homeschoolers and you can view these videos as often as you'd like during the subscription period.  How AWESOME is that??!!!

If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your home schooler(s) click on the link below for more information:

You Can Find MarshMedia Through Social Media At:

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