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Rush, Rush, Rushing To History {Crew Review}

"Rush, rush, rushing to history!"  Have you been looking for an interesting way to teach American History to your child?  Have you wished for a story that was both captivating and accurate to help build your child's love of history?  The Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh is a series created just for you!  The Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series is amazingly fun to read.

Y'all, can I just be honest a minute?  I took a look at these books before and thought Rush Limbaugh wrote these, I'm not sure I really want to read that.  Judgmental I know!  But seriously, I have been AMAZED by the quality and accuracy of these books!  And, oh wow, how he and Kathryn bring History to life through these fun stories!  Once we started reading, we had a hard time putting them down!

At this point, there are 5 books in the series.  They came adorably bundled and tied with a blue Rush Revere Ribbon just like old fashioned school books.  I hated to untie them but I really wanted to read the stories!  And the books themselves are GORGEOUS!  All hardbacks with eye catching dust covers.

Each book discusses a different topic in history, teaching you important aspects of the time period.  Rush Limbaugh himself morphs into the character of Rush Revere to take you on these time hopping adventures along with his trusty steed Liberty.  What would a Revere be without Liberty by his side??

The first book is Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  In this story, you meet Rush and his horse Liberty.  Rush is a history buff and teacher in today's world.  He and Liberty have managed to find a way to time travel through history, seeing first hand what happens in the past.  Rush projects these experiences through technology back into his classroom where his students follow along.

In Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims, you learn about Pilgrims like William Bradford and his family.  You are taught what type of clothing these people really wore and what their personal experiences were.  Rush teaches us the fine details as well as the ones we already know, or think we know.

The books are packed full of images too that go along with the stories.  Pictures of the pilgrims, the ships, the land when they arrive in the new world, and so much more.  He brings the experiences to life in each and every book.  This additional touch makes learning even more fun.

Book 2 is Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  In this book, we learn what freedom means and why the colonists wanted to break free from English rule.  We learn about taxes and the cost to the people.  We learn about Treason and the real american fight for freedom.

Book 3 is Rush Revere and the American Revolution.  This book brings to life the fight for freedom, sharing with readers the whys and hows of the American Revolution.  In this book, we meet George Washington and others like him who fought to break free from England and create a new government for us all.

Book 4 is Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner.  This book teaches the principles of Freedom and the meanings behind some of our most important American elements like our national monuments, American symbols and even our nations anthem.  Each topic is touched on and taught with the imaginative story Rush provides.

Book 5 is Rush Revere and the Presidency.  In this book, we learn how George Washington became our first American President and what he went through during this stage of life.  We learn about elections.  We learn about the Presidential Oath and the meaning behind it.  We meet Thomas Jefferson and learn how he helps to build a stronger nation alongside President Washington and others of the time.

These 5 books provide a wonderful introduction into Early American History that is unlike any other that I have found.  It's interesting to see history come to life with Rush's help and to learn details that other curriculum have not touched upon.  So much history has been left out of past texts and Rush and Kathryn really step up to make sure that history isn't lost.

Additionally, on the Rush Revere website there are downloadable study guides and activities which can be used along with these already amazing books.  They provide questions which help to expand the already extensive information provided in the books themselves.  These are a wonderful addition to the lessons and a great way to show what your child is learning from reading these wonderful stories.

How We Used The Rush Revere Book Series:

We read this series as a read-aloud together as a family.  It took several days to read each book because we were reading out loud.  All of us enjoyed these stories from Jackson who is 4, Winston my 16 year old and even Dad at 47.  The stories were really interesting and captivating.  Honestly, they were a joy to read!

Where Can You Buy the Rush Revere Book Series:

These books are available through most nationwide retailers for around $12.59.  Each book is different but part of the Rush Revere Book Series.

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