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The BeLOVED Life Plush Travel Pillow {FrontGate Review}

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FrontGate Blogger Network blessed us with yet another amazing product.  They hooked us up with The BeLOVED Life for a free Plush Cushion Travel Pillow of our choice.  It was just in time for our Georgia trip too!

When reviewing I often receive products for the older kids but rarely find things for Jackson, my 4 year old.  I was pretty torn between a few designs when choosing this one.  There are just so many great products available at The BeLOVED Life

There was this awesome Cupcake Travel Pillow which Emma or Laycie would have LOVED!  The back is bright pink and says, "Taste and See ~ Psalm 34:8". It's adorable!

Then there was this beautiful purple plush pillow featuring a Crown.  This Princess cushion would have been awesome for Laycie!  The back says, "I Am Wonderfully Made ~ Psalm 139:14".

The Wings of Eagles pillow would have been awesome for Winston.  It's very manly in style.  The color is a nice tan featuring a Camo print Eagle.  The back says, "On The Wings of Eagles ~ Isaiah 40:31".

Any one of these designs would have worked wonderfully for our home but there was one that truly stood out and I immediately thought of my Jackson when I saw it.  The very orange Strength Plush Cushion which features and adorable grey Robot with the word Strong across his chest.  My Jackson LOVES Robots and the color orange!

The back says, "I Can Do All Things Through Christ ~ Philippians 4:13".

Jackson LOVES this pillow.  I gave it to him right after he woke up the morning it arrived. He was so excited that he immediately snuggled up to it.

He loves how soft the cover is.  I love that the brightly colored pillow IS actually a cover.  It unzips to allow you to wash it and the pillow inside can easily be replaced by an average size throw cushion.  (Did I mention it zips off so you can wash it??  How AWESOME is that?!!)

Our travel pillow came with a matching grey strap to make carrying easy.  Since this pillow was really designed for older kids of the preteen age, the strap is a great design to traveling with the pillow easy.  It also includes a great cell phone pouch for kids.  This is great to make keeping up with their often expensive phones easier and keeping it closer to them while they sleep or travel.

My personal opinion on the strap:
I felt the strap was stiff and hard like a backpack strap can be.  I tried to remove the cell phone pouch as my little one does need it but was unable to get it off without cutting it which I didn't want to do.  The hooks are hard which aren't really cuddly when you use the actual pillow and would personally bother me.  I think this aspect could be better designed though I like the idea of it.

The Strength Pillow itself:

This thing is ultra soft.  Jackson (age 4) loves to rub his hands over the soft cover when going to sleep.  Sometimes he stuffs his hand into the pocket on the back.  He likes to stick toys in the pocket too but it's kind of flat and tight which makes it challenging for his toys.  It would be great for a journal or a notebook or book your reading.  Pokemon cards fit great too.  A small blanket may fit in there but it would have to be really lightweight.  

The embroidered pattern of the Robot and the writing on the back of the pillow are equally soft and do not distract from the comfy feel of the pillow.  I cannot even explain how soft this pillow is.  It completely amazed me.  Jack absolutely loves that.  He's a texture lover.

As a little bonus, the company sent us a little Light Bulb key chain which I gave Laycie.  We stuck it onto her new purse so she can rub it for sensory.  She loves it as much as Jack.  It's a great comfort tool for her ADHD.

Honestly, I could just go on and on about this super awesome pillow but I know you probably would like to know how to get your own.  There are several more versions available other than the ones I mentioned here.  The BeLOVED Life STRENGTH Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids is available for $34.99.  For me, it's totally worth the price for the joy it's brought my kids.

As a bonus The BeLOVED Life is holding a giveaway where you could WIN your own Plush Travel Pillow for your loved one!  Click the Link below to enter.

The Beloved Life Blog Hop Giveaway

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