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Whistlefritz: Educator's Spanish Collection {Crew Review}

Ever since I first saw an advertisement for Whistlefritz I have wanted to give their products a try.  I was so excited to see them on our Crew Vendor List this year and could hardly wait to apply for this review.  I was so happy when we were selected to give their Educator's Spanish Collection a try!

What We Recieved:

We were sent the complete Educator's Spanish Collection from Whistlefritz.  This package costs $165.  It was created to be used with children in the Early Education years. 

The package includes:
Whistlefritz Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids - Pre-K/Early Elementary (40 Lessons)
Whistlefritz Spanish Matching Cards
Whistefritz Ultimate Collection: Spanish For Kids (Ages 1-7) 5 DVDs and 3CDs set

How It's Used:

Whistlefritz is a fun program to use for learning Spanish in the early years.  The fun DVD's keep your child entertained as they learn basic Spanish words.  The adorably entertaining characters keep your child engaged in the program as they learn.  The games also help to keep the child interested and engaged when learning new Spanish words and comprehension of these new words.  

Another fun aspect is that the program includes live, native speaking adults and children.  This helps children with annunciation of the words they are learning.  Plus children love seeing other children using the language they are learning!

It's never too early to introduce your child to a second language.  Whistleftitz provides all the things you need to make this happen in your home with ease.  This is a complete program that is fun to use.

How We Used It:

First we began by watching the DVD videos and following along.  My kids love entertaining DVD's that teach them fun things.  They were immediately intrigued by the adorable characters teaching them this new language.  

Don's grandmother is Spanish so the kids were even more excited to learn a language related to their family.  Anything related to their ancestry is exciting to us as a family.  So this was another complete bonus for us all.

Jackson, in particular, loved the flashcards.  Even though this is a game, he really wouldn't let us use it as such.  He's a big card collector so these were added into his stash.  Emmalee and I would talk with him and Laycie about the words on the cards.  He really enjoys the Fox that is on them in different poses, teaching him the new words.

I liked the Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids workbook.  It was easy to use.  The lessons are not hard and are easy to adapt as needed.  The games are fun and help the kids better understand what they were learning from the videos.  I look forward to working with this more throughout the year. 

Emma enjoyed the CDs. She likes to listen to learn.  Even though she's older, she enjoyed learning the pronunciation of new Spanish words with these CD's.  They didn't bore her like other Spanish programs have in the past.

Where Can You Buy Whistlefritz:

Whistlefritz is available online.  They offer the Educator's Spanish Collection and the Educator's French Collection, as well.  

Whistlefritz in Social Media:

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