Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Beginning July 2017 {Thoughts From Me}

June was a pretty tough month for us.  Don didn't work several weeks.  There were no calls for a carpenter.  This makes things hard for sure.

July didn't start that great either.  I had a brief stomach virus that really hit me hard.  Thankfully, I was the only one.  I gave the dog a haircut too and was down for two days with my back hurting (whiplash from a car accident long ago).

I ran out of my medication for my bleeding and just let them stop for a few weeks to see what would happen.  It returned.  I started the med back after a few days of trying to see if my body would balance out.  It didn't.

I know my iron is low again.  I've been trying to build it up with lots of Tuna and Spinach but it's slow going since my body rejects iron instead of absorbing it.  I know I'll get there though.

I know someday I'll look back and see the lessons in this time but for now it's just a struggle.  I'm too tired to get much done except the basics with my babies.  Next month is home inspection and our lease renews so I'm hoping I can get the house in order before then.  It's a slow process but the kids have been amazingly helpful.

We're also working on new routines.  So far things are going well with those but routines take time to master.  I'm proud of my kids hard work though.

So this is where we begin our July.  Just trying to get through our day to day together.  It's slow going but we will get there.

Until next time...

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