Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Health Update {July 2017}

This week has been hard.  The last month really.  My medicine is no longer controlling my uterine bleeding like it had been and now I am exhausted again.

I emailed my doctor's office last night to set up a new appointment with the doctor so I can go ahead and schedule my hysterectomy.  I wasn't ready before but now I am.  I want my life back and energy back.  I want to enjoy my days again.

So right now, I'm low in energy.  I'm eating tons of spinach and other iron rich foods to keep my blood volume up but it's only doing so much since my body doesn't absorb iron like it should.  I'm also trying to take a multivitamin daily.

I'm not sure when surgery will be schedule but I'm hoping by August 16th so I can be up and moving by Jack's birthday.  We will see.

Until later on... I'm off to take a nap...

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