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Let's Learn About The States with Make-A-State {Crew Review}

For the second time this year, we were offered to review an item from Home School In The Woods.   The products this company produces are just amazing.  They go above and beyond to provide some of the best studies they can put together for families like ours.

For this review, we were given a full download of their Make-A-State Activity from the HISTORY Through The Ages: Hands-On History Activity-Paks series.  This pak is awesome, y'all.  It's a complete course that can be used with any state you choose!  All in one place for you to use.

The Make-A-State Activity pak is set up with a start page, like all the programs we have reviewed from Home School In The Woods.  This page takes you through the ins and outs of the program, like a walk-through, making it easy for you to maneuver through the course.  It's so simple and easy to use.

As with their other programs, you read the introduction first which tells you all about the activity-pak you are using.  From there, you'll read the project instructions which explain how to put the project together.  Then you'll follow this with your Lap Book Assembly which instructs how to put together the lap books used with the program.

The awesome thing about the Make-A-State Activity Pak is that it provides information on every state in the United States of America.  So this activity pak works for ALL the US states, not just one.  There is key information provided for each and every state in America.

The pak includes Key State Facts, the State name, each state's motto, the state symbols, state songs, information on industry, agriculture, and climate, wildlife information, and geography as well.  It also includes information about the governments of each state, each states seal and flag, the state quarter, their native tribes, sports, landmarks and famous people as well.  History, vocabulary, a timeline are all covered and even a recipe for each state is included within these set.   There's also a state page.  And finally the pak includes a gameboard and gamecards for a fun addition to learning about the states.

This program is packed full of information to learn about every state you've ever wanted to and it's easily all in one place.  The activities are easy to put together and fun to complete.  The lap books keep lessons fun and not boring, exciting for any age putting this to use.

How We Used It:

This was easy to use with all the kids because it provides activities and information in one place.  If something was a little hard for the younger ones, my older kids helped them work through it or they wrote it out for them.  This can be used with a variety of ages: we used it with ages 4, 9, 14, and 16.  The kids learned a great deal through using the pak together.

Where You Can Get It:

You can grab your own Make-A-State Activity Pak from Home School In The Woods for $18.95 as a download or for $19.95 for the CD version. This is a great asset for anyone wanting to learn about the states and a great way to do it!

There are lots of other products available at Home School In The Woods as well.  They have a full line of HISTORY Through The Ages: Hands-On History Activity-Paks which the Make-A-State Activity is a part of.  These awesome paks cover composers, artists, the new testament and the old testament.  All great subjects to learn about!

There is also the HISTORY Through The Ages: Time Travelers American History Studies.  These awesome activity paks cover New World Explorers, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, The Early 19th Century, The Civil War, The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression and World War II.  These are great studies of each subject for your home school.

Additionally, there are the HISTORY Through The Ages: Hands-On History Lap-Paks which cover different studies for different grade levels and is being added on to often as each new study is completed.  Subjects currently available for grades 3-8 are US Elections, The 20th Century in America, and Wonders of the World.  For Grades K-2 there are Benjamin Franklin and Knights available.

And now available, brand new are A-La-Carte Projects which are single projects for you to use in your home school or summer program.

Any of these studies would be an amazing addition to your home school year!

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