Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Life Unexpected: Our Story

Two years ago this week, my life changed for the absolute better.  I took a trip to see a friend, who's family I had known for 25 years and yet I'd never met him.  I didn't expect to find in him the man of my dreams, the man who was equally yoked to my soul, the man who I had searched for all of my life.  A year ago, I wrote about our meeting, our day, our beginning and I've decided I would share it here as well.

On this Sunday last year, I took my first semi-long driving trip alone up into the rural lower part of NC. I was invited to visit a friend who's family I have known and loved for 25 years but I had never personally met him. I got up early and headed out to have the most peaceful and relaxing day I can remember having in my life.
We hung out all day and never stopped talking. He made me the best omelet for breakfast. He made me lunch. He fed me watermelon grown from his garden. And we had baked chicken that he also made for dinner.
He fell in love with me the moment he laid eyes on me that day and I him. I can still remember seeing him that first time and that big smile he gave me. I remember feeling warm and loved when he talked to me with that Connecticut accent that's turned just slightly southern from his years of going back and forth between his Northern and Southern homes. It was this day that I fell in love with Donald Clayton Hodge.
He tells me I have been in his dreams for a lifetime. He loves me like no one ever has. He's stood by me through emotional abuse in my past and has moved me into a much better life.
This year has been hell in healing for us both. Our lives have changed tremendously and though it's been tough, it's also been completely for the better. Neither of us are perfect and there's a lot that isn't seen unless you know us personally, but one thing we do have is a love of God, each other and our family. We support each other, even on days when we want to just give up. We love each other always and we know that together with God we can make it through even the darkest of days.
Thank you, Don, for loving me and showing me a life that I can dream about and make reality. Thank you for loving my children and even my stubborn mother. Thank you for putting up with so much this year and for even changing your own ways to make a better life for us together. I love you with all my heart and this day will be the one I always cherish, that will always be our anniversary in my heart.

I never expected that I'd marry this man, that I'd want to spend my life with him.  I never expected that he'd love me and my children just as much.  I never expected this life to be ours. God had plans we could not have foreseen but here we are living this life together and the best has yet to come.

There are blessings where we least expect them.

Yours always,

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  1. This makes my heart smile when I read it <3 You deserve every bit of happiness you have found.


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