Thursday, July 20, 2017

Take Flight In Your Homeschool {Crew Review}

Do you have a child who loves planes?  Or maybe you have always wanted to learn more about flight.  Either way, Doctor Aviation and their flight learning platform is a great way to learn about flight, planes and all the elements that go along with the program in the comfort of your own home.

This program is designed for older students or parents to use but if you have a young one who just loves planes, they can view the lessons alongside of you and really learn a lot.  So in my opinion, this is a family program for learning about flight.  Jam-packed with information that I haven't seen any where else.

I really was not sure if I wanted to join in on this one because I'm not a big fan of aviation but I've really enjoyed learning more through Doctor Aviation.  The lessons begin with the basics of the course and the Aviation system.  Then you move straight into learning about the aircraft itself.

The lessons on the aircraft cover every element involved.  The major components of the aircraft are covered, as well as the axes and forces involved.  You learn about why an aircraft flies and why they turn, pitch and how they fly.

In section 3, you learn about Air Traffic Control and how it works to help keep aircraft safe.  Without Air Traffic Control, the airways would be a crazy place.  Air Traffic Control are the police of the airways, keeping the right people in the right places.

Section 4 covers Aircraft Maintenance and how different engines are checked and how they are kept safe.  One person missing one thing on this list is life or death for those on the flight.  Those who do aircraft maintenance have one of the most important jobs of all.

Section 5 teaches you Airfield Operations and how the airport works.  A large airport is a city in itself, containing all your personal needs while you wait in layover for your next flight.  It also covers the small airport, the little guys who don't get the big action.

In the last section, section 6, you visit the Aircraft again, learning more about the particular elements that make up the plane.  You learn how altitude works and how the airspeed indicator works to keep the plane in flight.  You also learn about other types of aircraft, how they work and how they differ from planes in flight.

The whole course works to give you a complete picture of how aviation works and what it takes to take wings and fly.  This program is perfect for the future pilot in your family or just someone who has a deep interest in flight.

There are 15 lessons, each around 45-60 minutes in length.  Each also has a PDF file to extend the lessons for your student.  Each lesson has guided notes and also tests that you can use to see how much you are learning.

You can get your own online subscription for Doctor Aviation for $99.  This is a 6 month subscription and you can pace your lessons to fit your student's needs so long as they complete them in the 6 month period or your renew your subscription at the end of this time.

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