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In The Reign of Terror {Crew Review}

Heirloom Audio Productions presents In The Reign of Terror, a two and a half hour, non-stop audio adventure for your family!  Created for ages 6-16, this radio drama is sure to excite listeners of all ages!  I know it was one greatly enjoyed by my family.

In The Reign of Terror features a wonderful cast:
Brian Blessed from Star Wars, Tarzan and Robin Hood
John Rhys-Davies from The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones
Jack Farthing from Poldark
Cathy Sara from Downton Abbey
Christina Greatrex from The Royal Shakespeare Company
and Jill Freud from C.S. Lewis at War

This great team of experienced professional actors bring life to this dramatic tale of friendship and family during the French Revolution, one of the many extraordinary adventures of G.A. Henty.  This is a 2 CD-set filled with adventure and an additional study guide is available for the program to help bring the audio adventure away from the ears and onto paper to bring it to life.  This great guide helps your students focus on the importance of the French Revolution and the experiences being shown through this amazing story's telling.

An added bonus is the Biblical background to this story, providing a solid Christian stance on History which is lacking in so many Historical programs these days.  Heirloom Audio Productions provides moral values and eternal truth through their many audio productions available through their website.

Through In The Reign of Terror, students can learn the differences between the American Revolutionary War that was fought for Independence and the French Revolution which was more of a selfish fight for freedom and ended with a lot of unnecessary blood shed.  Students get a feel for what life was like in turbulent France at the time of the war, how it felt to live in this time period and face such troubling times in life.  They see how the War brings chaos and strife to friends and family who were in the midst of such a terrible event.

Heirloom Audio provides wholesome family entertainment for children, that excels in historical value with a touch of fun to keep children intrigued and keep boredom at bay with their amazing audio adventures.  There are many to choose from and enjoy.  In The Reign of Terror is just one of many available.

Additionally, Heirloom Audio Productions is releasing a brand-new online program with their Live The Adventure Club!  They are currently offering an amazing 3 month trial offer for the program for free to give it a try!  If you act now you can also grab their newest audio adventure, Captain Bayley's Heir for only $1!  What an amazing deal!

The Live The Adventure Club provides great parenting advice along with amazing wholesome materials to use with your family.  These great historical treasures are gifts that every family can use.  And there are hundreds of fun activities provided for kids as well!

Our family loved In The Reign of Terror.  We listened to this one as a family and discussed what was taking place, lead by the study guide provided.  From 4 to 16 and above, we all enjoyed the great voicing of the actors, the story line, the adventure and we look forward to listening to more of these audio productions in the future.

In The Reign of Terror is available through the Heirloom Audio Productions website for $29.97 plus shipping and handling.  There are other great audio productions available as well.  And don't miss out on the Live The Adventure Club available on the website as well!

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