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Apologia Marine Biology {Crew Review}

Apologia Educational Ministries is one of my absolute favorite curriculum companies ever.  When I began homeschooling around 12 years ago, Apologia came highly recommended for their wonderful science curriculum to be used with my young ones.  It took a while before I could afford to invest in their wonderfully designed curriculum but as soon as I was able, I jumped right in and I've never had a regret.  So when the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set along with the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD came up on the Vendor List, I knew this was a curriculum I did not want to miss.  Plus Miss Emmalee had specifically asked for a Marine Biology Course and what better course to do than one from Apologia Educational Ministries!

Marine Biology is the study marine life or animals and plants who live in the ocean.  Animals like dolphins, sharks, turtles, and many others.  Seaweed and other plants are included as well.  Through marine biology, you will learn just how things thrive and survive in the ocean.

Our curriculum set came with our main, colorful textbook called Exploriing Creation with Marine Biology.  This beautifully designed textbook is packed full of interesting facts and lessons on life in the salty waters of our world.  Even Jackson (5) enjoyed looking at the pages of bright animals and marine life provided in the pages of this large textbook.

Additionally, we were given a full color Student Notebook, created to be used along with the textbook for lessons.  The Student Notebook is the workbook for the curriculum, though they are never 100% necessary to use Apologia science curriculums, they are a wonderful accessory that tends to make life and lessons easier for you and your students.  The Student Notebook has questions and fun activities to keep your student intrigued with their lessons.

We were also gifted the tests and solutions for this curriculum, none of which we honestly used since I almost never test on our lessons.  But for those who enjoy giving tests for various reasons these are absolutely perfect!  They are simple black and white tests and answer sets that allow you to see where your students are at in the curriculum and what they are learning.

Last, as a part of this curriculum, we were sent the Marine Biology Second Edition MP3 Audio Book CD.  I could not survive without the Audio for my curriculum.  There are just days when you don't feel like talking or when I have other things to do and just can't get these lessons done without the audio CD.  There are days when we have doctors appointments that keep us on the go and our only option is to listen on the go.  The audio CD makes that possible to do.  There are days when I have a little one down with seizures or other health issues and the audio CD makes it easy to get our work done.  I, honestly, couldn't make it through homeschooling without the audio CD.

Another bonus for me with having the Audio CD is that I can hand it over to my teens and tell them what to do and they can listen along.  This is awesome and allows me to allow them to have independence in their education.  I know they can plug in and listen along to their lessons or read along to what they are hearing and it will help them really "get" what they are learning in the course.  My teens appreciate this as well.

Marine Biology is designed to be used by highschoolers following a prerequisite course of Biology.  Biology gives a good foundation for learning more specific biology courses afterwards.  It helps your student better prepare for a second biology course and the things they learn about in it.

Marine Biology does require a few specifics that we were able to work around: specific slides for Marine Biology to be viewed through a microscope, which we were able to look up online to see.  Dissection is also a requirement.  Emma wasn't so sure about that part of her assignments but after seeing a different mammal dissected by a family member recently, she found it wasn't so bad and was actually kind of interesting.  So now she's ready to do some dissecting for herself.  So though we also worked around this requirement by looking up things online, we will be going back to complete these assignments in person very soon.

Apologia Educational Ministries has Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set available to purchase for $115.   This includes the textbook, student notebook and the tests and solutions manual as well.  You can purchase the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD for an additional $29.

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