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Astronomy 1st Edition Lapbook {Crew Review}

If you know me, then you know my personal love of ALL things from Apologia.  They are just an overall wonderful company that creates some of the best curriculum available for Christian Homeschoolers. But did you know one of my other favorite supplemental curriculum companies is A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks?  They are another awesome Christian company that provides amazing resources for educational use.

Having used most of Apologia's Exploring Creation Science books with my children, I like to cycle back around and find new supplements to use for my youngest and as a review for my older children as well.  We have most of the series books and workbooks but I'm always looking for fun things like A Journey Through Learning Lapbook's Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy (1st Edition) Lapbook.

There are tons of other titles also available at the Apologia Curriculum Page.

Now because we've used Apologia for 11 years now, we have many 1st Editions of their Exploring Creation series so it was necessary for me to have a 1st Edition Lapbook to use with my children, but they do have a 2nd Edition Lapbook available to use for you if need be, as well.  They also have lapbooks for many other titles available too.

What is a Lapbook?

So let's talk about what a lapbook is?   A lapbook is an educational scrapbook of sorts or a type of interactive notebook, usually created on a file folder that is easy to keep up with, yet it packs in a ton of information into one place for your student.  Lapbooks usually have little bits of information stored within it's pages, generally in eye catching designs to keep your student's interest.

We've used various A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks over the years and have always enjoyed them.  They are really easy to use and extremely educational.  Even my bigger kids enjoy using them.

For more information on Lapbooks, stop by A Journey Through Learning lapbooking page!

This lapbook was a lot of fun.  The design was simple to use like all other A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks.  You jump right in to learning along with the Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy book.  Every section has an activity that helps reinforce what your student is learning in the book.  This particular lapbook was designed to be used with the 1st edition of the book which is the edition we have and use.  Though it's an older version, it's still a really great book that we've learned a lot from.  

How We Used It:

Because this is a digital product and because A Journey Through Learning is such a generous company, we were able to make multiple print copies of this lapbook to use with all our students.  The forms are easy to print and easy to put to work with little work from me, the parent.  The kids can easily cut out the little designs and glue them into their file folders on their own.  I just had to provide them with basic supplies which we keep on hand since we use lapbooks a lot in our learning.  Things like glue sticks, scissors, tape, and of course a file folder to place our information in to.

This was something I could use with my kids: ages 4, 9, 14, and 16.  Of course, the 4 year old had to have help with some tasks and writing the information in the blanks but he enjoyed learning along with the rest and gluing his stuff into place.

The bigger kids, of course, had no problems doing any of the work involved with the lapbook.

Where You Can Get This Product:

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy (1st Edition) Lapbook is available from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks for $15 for the Full Color Instant Download.  You can also get this lapbook on CD or printed if you choose.  Order options are available on the website. 

Social Media Sites for A Journey Through Learning:

Twiiter:  @AJTL_lapbooks

Lapbooks for Classical Conversations, Apologia, Inventors & 20th Century {A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks Reviews}

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