Thursday, September 14, 2017

Irma {Thoughts From Me}

And speaking of whirlwinds, in spun another... Irma.

Hurricane Irma hit Florida full force and came straight on up over us, leaving us without Internet for several days and with a whole lotta rain.  It's funny.  I lived in Horry County, South Carolina for most of my life and I've faced many hurricanes.  I've never feared them.  Even Matthew last year didn't scare me.  But I never expected we'd move and still have a hurricane find us!

Thankfully, we experienced more of a Tropical Storm than a hurricane but it still held a lot of wind, a lot of rain and a lot of stress in the experience.  We had tin on the roof lifting because the wind was so strong.  We had branches fall from our trees.  And we had issues from the load of rain that was dumped upon us.  The rain caused issues with our septic and with our internet and cable lines.  So it's taken a little over week for us to dry back out.

But we made it.  And thankfully, those we love in Florida made it, as well as good friends in lower Georgia, in South Carolina and in North Carolina.  We are slowly getting back on track - work was also slow for Don with the rain.  Construction and rain do not go together at all.  But life keeps going and so do we!

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