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Let The Little Children Come {Crew Review}

Let The Little Children Come is such a fun company for spreading the Gospel among children.  This company provides various child evangelism tools for your children to share with others, or for you to share with the children in your life.  There Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract for Halloween is an awesome alternative to just simply passing out candy.

The Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract comes in a flat sheet with 20 sheets per pack.  You or your child, your Sunday School class, your counseling group, etc. can take time to remove these sheets from their precut pages and create the adorable little pumpkins above which you can then fill with candy, bracelets, or other small objects.

The great thing about Let The Little Children Come products is that they all feature verses from the Bible to help you spread Christ's word with others.  Each leaf of the Pumpkin shares the Word of the Bible for others to gain knowledge and grow.  It's a simple and reassuring way to share God's Word with others.

These are super easy to assemble and can be done with even young children.  You simply punch out the pumpkin shape and follow the instructions to fold and make the pumpkins which you will later share with others.  Almost any age can do this activity.  It would also be great for nursing homes who need simple activities for their residents to do and share with one another.

As you can see by the image above, these are designed to be super simple to use and put together quickly so that you can share them with others.  The instructions are simple, the design is simple, the impact of God's Word is Amazing.  Such a simple and easy way to share the Gospel with one another.

How We Used These:

I had the kids set down and take apart the pumpkin boxes.  I let them fold them and before closing them, I allowed them to stick a piece of candy inside.  Candy is always a winner, right?!  And when you mix Candy and Christ, you cannot lose!

The kids then shared these with their cousins, who enjoy church and also enjoy candy.  Their parents loved them.  I know several people who are planning to place an order just because they thought these were completely adorable and a great way to share with others!

Where to Order:

You can get your Let The Little Children Come Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract for $15.95 per pack.  There are discounts for ordering more packs.  Each pack in this Box-Tract contains 20 sheets per pack for you to put together.

You Can Find Let The Little Children Come Online At:

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