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Let's Go Geography {Crew Review}

When you Homeschool, there are some subjects that come up which are sometimes hard to figure  out how to teach.  For me, Geography has been one of those.  (Am I the only one who wants to spell it Georgraphy??)  Sometimes it's included with other programs and then sometimes you just need a separate program to help expand what you're learning.  But many of those can be dry and boring.  Let's Go Geography makes Geography fun!  Their Let's Go Geography program is made to be thorough yet easy to use.

Let's Go Geography was created for kids in grades K through 4th.  It was designed to make Geography easy to learn and easy to teach.  After purchasing the curriculum, you get sent weekly links to help guide you through the lessons and remember to complete them.  One hour long lesson a week is all that's needed to be able to complete this curriculum, so it doesn't take a lot of time or require a daily plan to do.

So the first email we received was introductory and included covers for the 30 different countries you'll get to explore.  36 weeks of lessons are included with this curriculum, each covering individual information for each country you explore.  You're child learns details about that country, about the plants and people who inhabit the country and more.

The first country covered is the United States.  When you log in to the website, you're brought to the Member Page where all the information is linked.  There's a button that say's Start Here and there's another place that says How To Use This Curriculum.  This explains all about Let's Go Geography and how it can be used.

The curriculum offers many activities which you can complete or you can skip if you feel it's too much to do.  As I mentioned above, you're sent a reminder link for each week.  This takes you to the section of the curriculum you're currently working through.

It is suggested you create a Travel Journal for the trip you take from country to country through this curriculum.  This can be done with a simple 3 ring binder.  Add in dividers for the continents so you can easily go back to the information later on.  As you visit each continent, you'll print out the maps and flags for that continent and place them right behind their divider so they are ready for you to use with your students.  Then you'll add in the information sheets for each country you're learning about on that particular continent.  Doing these simple things really helps you to stay on track with what you're learning, making it easy to locate, easy to learn and easy to teach as well.

Now this curriculum is completely adaptable.  You can skip things as you need or see fit.  You can do a little research on your own and add in activities you may find through other sources.  It's really easy to make it work for you and your child.

For this review, we received a full year or two semesters of the curriculum to use.  We've only been using it a few weeks but so far it's really enjoyable.  The very first is the US, the Northeast.  Each lesson is able to be downloaded so that you can print the PDF file and use it easily with multiple students or however you need to within reason.

The PDF file lessons include many options for differing grade levels.  The itinerary for the trip covers coloring the map of the country you're learning about.  You cut, color and glue the flag for that country.  Learn about the Music from that country through links provided in the curriculum.  Go "sightseeing" and see the world as you learn.  Color and make a craft from the suggestions provided.

You'll also need some additional books to learn more about the country you're learning about.  These can be easily found at the library or online if you'd rather have them remain in your collection.  (I prefer the latter.)  Either way, they are helpful in learning more.

Next you'll find the other suggested materials for crafts and other things needed for the lessons.  The exercises are really simple to complete.  Color the US in Blue.  Color each state in the North East Region a different color of your choice.  Color the US Map.  Discuss the waters in the region.  Discuss landforms and other things.  Note what countries border the US.

I really liked how this curriculum pretty much laid everything out for me.  I liked that I could do one lesson a week and it only took around an hour.  The activities and crafts were easy to do.  The lessons were short but taught a lot.  The kids greatly enjoyed learning through them, traveling the world through the program.  It made life easy for learning during a kind of stressful time in our life.

You can get Let's Go Geography to use with your students for a full year at $21.99.  There are other plans available as well and a few additional products which can be purchased like a Passport to use for your travels for an additional low fee.

Here is the 3 year plan for this program:

Because we were moving at the time of this review, I was unable to take pics for the lessons but they were really easy to discuss and work on as we moved.

You can find Let's Go Geography online at:

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