Monday, September 4, 2017

Phonics Museum {Crew Review}

Veritas Press is another amazing curriculum company that we have greatly enjoyed using in our homeschool over the years.  They offer so many amazing resources for all ages and are totally a favorite of ours!  We were truly excited when we were offered the Phonics Museum App to review.

Phonics Museum is an App available in the App store for the iPad.  It's an adorably educational app for children to help them learn to read.  It's multi-sensory with engaging themes that children enjoy.  There are games, songs, books, writing activities and more available through this app.  

This app is designed for young children to build skills in learning to read.  It's super easy for them to use and builds upon the skills it covers as they work through the lessons on the app.  But it's not setup as lessons, it's just a fun "game" for kids where they learn.

First you create your name and character as well as a password to log in.  Remember your password or you will have challenges logging on to the app.  This is a lesson we learned quickly.

As with all Veritas Press curriculum, Phonics Museum is Classical Education material.  It's a full curriculum app for your little ones and could be used for reading and language development or it can just be used as a curriculum supplement for your little one.

The Phonics Museum app is filled with adventurous and fun characters like William and Wendy who accompany and lead your child on their Phonics Museum adventure.  William and Wendy then introduce your child to Percival the knight, who they meet in a museum exhibit.  Miss Biddle is the Museum curator and is in charge of it all.  She's the quirky "teacher" in the app.  

This app is jam-packed with information your little one needs to learn in order to read.  It gives your child a solid educational base for learning the alphabet, phonics, comprehension and so much more.  Honestly, I was skeptical at first but after seeing my kids use the app to learn I can say I'm completely thrilled with their progress and learning.

How We Used It:

This one I let Jack and Laycie use.  They love iPad time so I knew this app would be really fun for them to work on during their digital "play" time.  It quickly became a favorite that they argued over so we had to set up a basic schedule of when they could play to share it.  It was easily done.

They really learned so much.  Laycie knows a lot already but it was great review for her.  It was an introductory lesson on reading and phonics for Jackson and he truly enjoyed learning with the app.  

Where You Can Buy:

Phonics Museum App
was created by Veritas Press and is available in the App Store.  It is a free app download and requires iOS 9.1 or later to use.  It's made for ages 5 and under but it was a great review for my 9 year old as well.  It can be used with iPad or iPhone.

Social Media for Veritas Press:

Twitter:  @VeritasPress

Phonics Museum App {Veritas Press Reviews}

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