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Unauthorized {Crew Review}

Chara Games is a Christian based game company that provides great games like Unauthorized for gaming fun.  Chara Games encourages a strong relationship with God through their wonderful games.  They create an opportunity for Christians to learn and to grow in their faith through their great games.

Every day Underground Churches are formed in places where God's word is NOT welcome.  People must keep their faith hidden so they are not persecuted for their personal beliefs.  These "unauthorized" church parishioners face the challenge of being caught, yet their faith is more important to them than anything else.

Through Unauthorized you can experience the challenges that these folks face daily in believing in something that others do not support.  Through your choices in the game you can grow your church or you can stamp it out.  Your choices make the decision as to what happens, just like in real life.  The outcome is always based on what the players choose.

This game is not an easy one to play.  It takes about 30 minutes and you need at the least 6 to 12 players to play it but it can be adapted and played with just 5 people if that's all you have.  However, it's not made for less than 5 people at all.

Every player in this game has a role to play.  They use their unique powers to sway the other players to one side or the other: to build the church or stamp it out.  However, players can change sides during the game so you can never be sure who is one your side and who isn't.  Much like every day life.

Because the other players positions can change and sway each other as well, the game can really go in any direction.  Those who you think are on your side, are not.  Those who you may question their support may very well be on your side.  It's all in the cards.

Some of the roles included in the game are the Police, the Pastor, the Merchant, the Thief, among many others.  Each of these roles hold a significant part to the game and each part effects how it's played.

There are also Experience Cards which help influence the choices made in the game.  Experiences like disease and sickness.  And Experiences of the exact opposite: Joy.  These can either make or break the game.

How We Played It:

Originally, I had planned to play this game with my kids and my best friend's niece and nephew.  I also planned to play with my husband and I and the kids.  But because we needed to move during the review period, the original plans changed.  So instead we have allowed our children to play the game with their cousins.  That's a total of 8 kids and they really enjoyed it.  There are so many scenarios that can happen.  The game really never gets boring.  It was interesting to see the differences in choices between our public schooled nieces and nephews and our own children as well.   In the end, the game has worked out well for us to play.

Here is an instructional video on How to Play:

Where You Can Buy It:

Unauthorized is available for purchase on Amazon for $16.66.  It is a card game requiring at least 5 players but 6 to 12 is preferred.

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