Monday, September 4, 2017

Whirlwind {Thoughts From Me}

While others have been recovering from the Hurricane in Texas and preparing for Irma to choose her path, we've been dealing with our personal whirlwind in life.  Sometimes the unexpected happens and all you can do is follow God's direction to carry you through.  We have chosen to let him lead though we have no idea what to expect.

Back in June, Don lost his main job and began working on his own completely.  He was already subcontracted but that ended so we took on our own odd jobs just to pay the bills. Unfortunately, this just wasn't enough.

So then out of the blue, Don got a job offer elsewhere in the world.  We weren't sure this was right at first so we held off but in the end it became our only option.  God was pressing us to move on.

At this same time, our landlords decided to not renew our lease.  They knew we were struggling but were not understanding.  So they terminated the lease on August 11, leaving us until August 31 to find a home and move.  Though we didn't know what to do, in the end this is a blessing in disguise.  As we moved out we found black mold throughout the house, despite serious efforts on our part to clean it and remove it.  We also found that the floor underneath Emmalee's bed was collapsing from the dampness let behind after Hurricane Matthew last year.

There were other issues: backed up septic since the Hurricane as well, illegal drain set up for my washer, a window that was never repaired, roof issues and gutters that were never repaired.  Then there was also the local bar at their house that opened up every weekend and holiday.  Needless to say, we are thankful we are no longer living there.

None of these changes have been expected.  At this time, we will not be sharing where we currently are located but it's a huge life change and somewhere we never expected to be.  However, we feel God has brought us here and we know that he has a plan for us and our futures.  We will keep following him to see where we are led and will pray for the best as we go.

Please keep us in your prayers as well.  We appreciate you all.

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