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Adventures of Life {Thoughts From Me}

This Crew year is coming to an end for me.  Due to our move, I haven't been able to sign up for new items.  I have greatly enjoyed our year on the crew but I also look forward to a mild break.

Our life is filled with new adventures now.  We are seeing lots of new places and doing new things. Honestly, we're able to do things I never thought would be possible in our life and I can't wait to see where the Lord is leading us in this season of our life.

Is life perfect? No way but it's pretty good right now and that's all one could really ask for.  God has a plan and he's leading our way.  With Him, we cannot go wrong.

Carole P. Roman {Crew Review}

Carole P. Roman has become one of my favorite authors for children's books.  Her books are just beyond description.  Written for children to help them better understand History and Science.

For this review, we were gifted four books, all written by Carole P. Roman.  Two were books that we chose and two were books that Carole chose for us.  We are very thankful and love all four books which we received.

Our books that we received were:

Each of these books are uniquely written telling differing stories written specifically for children.  I will tell you more about each through the course of this review.  I'm sure your family will enjoy them as much as we have.


I chose this book for Laycie.  I thought she'd like the story of the young girl, Susannah.  She's currently into stories that she can relate to about children her age.  This is the first book in the Oh Susannah series, which I chose so she could follow the series and not miss out. 

Susannah is a mischevious child in some ways.  She's a little unsure and a little overwhelmed by life.  Susannah's day starts rocky with her parents' troubles spilling over on to her day.  

Susannah's Mom tells her to "eat her banana" but instead she sticks the banana into her book bag and takes it off to school.  Then Susannah is given several other things throughout her day which also get stuffed into the bag.  The bag gets heavier and heavier, as does her heart dealing with so much.  Finally, Susannah makes it back home and shoves the bag under her bed but her strange and anxious feelings do not go away so she tries to take it back out.  Her bag then bursts open showing all her shame and issues from the day. 

This story has a happy ending when Susannah's parents step in to help her deal with her problems and realize that Susannah is most important, more important than work or anything else they have to deal with.  Susannah realizes her parents love her no matter what happens or what she does in her day.  This encouraging story is perfect for any child.


Do you have a child who loves space?  Have you been looking for an adorable children's story for your little Rocket Man?  Rocket-Bye is the perfect bedtime story for your future astronaut!

Rocket-Bye takes your child on an adventure through the solar system.  It's a great introductory book for young children to learn their planets and about common constellations.  A beautifully illustrated adventure you won't wish to miss.

My five year old loved this book.  He loved watching the rocket ship soar by each planet and learning more about them.  The story is a simple rhyme but teaches so much on each page.  


This is a Captain No Beard tale.  Fribbet the Frog is a member of Captain No Beards crew and he's not thrilled about the Tadpoles that are aboard the ship.  He's not so sure these little guys are such a great thing.

But Captain No Beard explains that he once wasn't sure about his little sister either.  Over time though she grew on him and he grew to love her.  He assures Fribbet that he will do the same with his new brothers and sisters as well.

This story is really great.  It helps kids learn about the life cycle of a frog in a unique way.  It is also a great book for children learning it's okay to have a new sibling.  A unique story that covers many angles.

I chose this book for Jackson, though I had no idea what the story line would be.  He and I loved that it showed so much information about the life cycle of a frog.  The pictures are awesome.  This quickly became one of Jackson's favorite books.


Carole P. Roman is an amazing storyteller and historian.  The first books we reviewed for her long ago were from her If You Were Me and Lived in... series.  There's a TON of books for this series now.

If You Were Me and Lived in... the Ancient Mali Empire shares the history and present life of the people of the Mali Empire.  Mali means hippopotamus and the people lived from 1230 to around the 1600's.  Mali was a small part of the kingdom of Ghana.  Niani was the capital.  They spoke the language of Mandinka.

This book is packed full of information about the Mali Empire and the people who lived there.  It's written for children to understand and to learn from.  The book series is a great way to teach history and geography to children.

All of Carol P. Roman's books are just amazing for children.  So many lessons and stories to learn from.  These books are a great addition to any library and for families every where. 


Carole P. Roman books are available online through Amazon or on her website.

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