Thursday, December 21, 2017

Forbrain {Crew Review}

I've spent my life as a blogger, an author, and a singer.  I've often wished for a device that could help me hear myself better, that could help me fine tune my thoughts and hear my words, a device that could help me to actually hear my tone and my annunciation.  Forbrain from Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd helps with all of this!

Forbrain helps with language development and with learning.  It's basically a digital phonics phone, designed as a headset with a microphone that you speak into and you can literally hear yourself speak.  The device is developed with a dynamic filter which filters the sound of your voice and plays it immediately for you.  The dynamic filter pushes the sound over to the Bone Conduction transducers.  This is what allows you to actually hear yourself speaking through the device.  A high quality, repostionable microphone is what captures your voice in the beginning.

Forbrain works for 6 hours before dying out.  It takes around 3 hours to charge.  It's black with blue transducers.

Everyone in our family used this device.  I even let our nieces and nephews give it a trial run.  It's a little odd at first because, well let's face it, we just aren't used to hearing ourselves speak so that can be just a bit odd until you get used to it.

Forbrain is just awesome.  I could see this device being used in choral groups everywhere.  I sure wish I had one when I was in Chorus during high school.  It would have helped with tone so much.

Speech and debate teams would be another great place to use this product.  Public speaking is sometimes scary because we struggle to hear ourselves.  This product can help boost speaking confidence for users, putting them a step ahead when competing.

I found it's greatest use for us was with Winston, who is often really shy and is wanting to expand his speaking abilities at 17.  He's ready to go forward in the world but struggles a little in talking to others, so this device has helped to boost his speaking confidence.  He can wear it a while and listen to himself and his personal responses then further develop them into better choices in speech.

The device also works amazingly well for Laycie who often stutters when she speaks and sometimes gets caught on her words.  She's able to wear the device and it helps her hear and think as she speaks.  This has tremendously helped her stuttering and her confused speech during the day.  We will be continuing with using Forbrain to develop her voice over the next year.

This device has helped my children gain confidence in their speech.  I've personally used it as well to help boost my own speech and my singing confidence.  It's worked great for both uses!

It is recommended that using Forbrain for 15 to 20 minutes a day for around 6 weeks can increase speaking ability and brain function.  Use it for reading, writing, singing, and more.  It's a great device to use all the time.  Forbrain costs $239 but is worth every dime.

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