Thursday, January 25, 2018

Windows 10 Update Killed My Laptop {Thoughts From Me}

Windows 10 update killed my laptop y'all.  Seriously.  It shut down and wouldn't come back on.

I tried everything known to man to get  her to work and repair but it didn't work.  Nothing... absolutely nothing.  My baby was stuck in reboot mode.  It couldn't access the built in files that restore the programming.  It was scary.

Computer recovery disks to the rescue!

I had to order the recovery info on USB.  It took FOREVER to arrive.  Finally, today, it showed up and I was able to restore my system to working order again.

Sadly, I lost all of my files and programs that hadn't recently been backed up.  I was able to access my adobe files through their website and safe storage of my licenses for those programs.  I'm thankful because that's a lot of money that could have been lost!

So the rest of this week will be devoted to restoring lost files and items, tracking down what I need to download again for reviews and setting this computer back to working order.  I'm just thankful she is working again!  Momma can't blog or review without a laptop!

Until next time...


P.S. I'm thankful I'm smart enough I could do this on my own! Phew!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

You Are Not Alone {Epilepsy Awareness}

One of the things I love is coming to my blog and seeing which of my posts are popular.  Most of them are our Epilepsy posts.  When I began blogging, I didn't intend to write about that aspect of our lives but I wanted others to not feel so alone in this journey that we've lived with now for generations.

I'm lucky.  I have generations of family who've had Epilepsy, who I can relate with.  Not everyone has that.  Most of the families I'm in contact with daily don't have anyone they know that has Epilepsy and they often have no knowledge of Epilepsy itself.

Now it's not lucky that we've had to deal with seizures for generations on generations.  This is a mean disorder that holds no kindness to it's victims.  But I have history to compare to, especially for myself and my children.  I know what I've lived with.  I know what they've lived with and how it affects each of us.

I have 3 children with Epilepsy.  I've been to every appointment with them on this.  I've asked questions, had medications changed and adjusted, address dietary issues, made thorough notes about each type of seizure we all have.  I've taken on this part of parenting willingly because if I didn't, who was going to?  But more than that, God equipped me to do this.  He knew when He chose me I could do it, even when I questioned.

I've been through the ups and downs of this disorder as a Mother.  I've explained as much as I can to my children when they ask why this happens to them or why they need medications, or why they need an MRI or an EEG, why we have to stay at the hospital this week.  This is our life.  This is what we do.  Epilepsy isn't a choice but it is our life.

When you're feeling down about Epilepsy, remember to look up, to pray, to allow yourself peace and grace as a parent.  Don't beat yourself up.  There's nothing we can do to change the fact we have this disorder, nothing we can do to change it.  We accept it and move on to help our children deal with their days better.

It's been a while since I posted about Epilepsy.  It's something I try to ignore some days but it's always there.  When I least expect it, it will rear it's ugly head and remind me it's still here lurking in the sidelines.  And then I remember there are others like us who also deal with this.  I pray our blog helps you to deal with the day to day and know you are not alone.


Pieces of Me by Diana Lynn {CWA Review}

Diana Lynn is the author of Pieces of Me: Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional.  Diana is a wife, mother, friend, business owner but her life wasn't always perfect.  Diana struggled for many years with the trials of her life but in the end she overcame them to find happiness and love.

Diana wrote the book Pieces of Me to share her story with others.  Her hope is to inspire and encourage others who may go through the same things she has in life.  Her story is one that gives hope and shows the reader how to have faith to keep going in their lives.

As a Mother who has been in an abusive relationship, who has had a husband who's first priority was not keeping a roof over his families head, who has had to walk away and start over more than once, I found Diana's story encouraging and inspiring.  It took Diana many years to realize that she was special and didn't deserve the things she was facing in her life.  It's taken me many years to do the same.  Despite the challenges of life, though, we are both finding our way to a much happier and blessed life than we could have ever expected.

If you're looking for an inspirational read, this is it.  Pieces of Me is one story you won't want to miss out on.  Grab a copy online today for $7.99 Kindle or $10.99 in Paperback.

You can find Diana Lynn online:


Friday, January 12, 2018

How To Stop Believing The Lies {Book Review}

This week, two of my favorite people online collaborated to write a book and release it.  Shawnee Penkacik and Dana Adams have been an important part of my life and journey for many years now.  They've been two of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders through some of my most difficult life choices.  Now I get to cheer and support for both of them.

How To Stop Believing The Lies Of The Enemy And Start Believing The Truth Of God's Word is written by two amazing women who use God's word to guide their lives each and every day.  It is their mission to help others do the same.  Through this book and their personal testimonies, God shines.

Image borrowed from Sunshiny Thoughts.

This book reaches to the heart of the hurting woman to change their personal thoughts, to help them stop believing the lies that today's society makes us think is the only way to believe.  Lies like you are ugly, I'm not worth it, I can't do this and am not talented.  Lies like our lives are too broken, I'm a failure, my life is too messy.  These lies that really hurt us as women.  

Image borrowed from Sunshiny Thoughts.

We try to fit into this world when really the only place we need to fit in is in God's World.  This is not our home or our final resting place and these lies are not ones that God has ever wanted any of us to believe.  We fall into the trap that is Evil guiding the way, trying to tear us down.  God wishes for us to see ourselves and our lives differently.

Through How To Stop Believing The Lies Of The Enemy, we learn to not fall prey to these lies.  We learn the Biblical verses that help to restore our faith and our personal beliefs in God.  We learn that these lies have no hold upon our lives.

Shawnee and Dana have succeeded in creating a guide that brings these lies to the forefront and helps us to destroy the thoughts they create within us.  They are currently working to create videos and a study to go along with this book to further help women like you and me destroy these beliefs in ourselves.  Their ministry is already helping to change lives and will continue to do so as time goes on.

Image borrowed from Sunshiny Thoughts.

You can grab your copy of How To Stop Believing The Lies Of The Enemy And Start Believing The Truth Of God's Word on Amazon today for Kindle  at the introductory price of $1.99.  You can also order the physical book for $16.99.

I promise this book will change you and help you see that you are not a failure, that you are not a broken and that God has a purpose for your life.

You can find Shawnee at Sunshiny Thoughts Blog or on Facebook at Sunshiny Thoughts.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Word of the Year {Thoughts From Me}

For 2017, our Word of the Year was Focus.  You can read that post here:

Last year, I really wanted to focus on us as a family and that's truly what we did with God guiding us.  We struggled but in the end we were blessed and God brought us closer than ever, which I'm truly grateful for.  It wasn't the easiest of years but it's probably the most memorable year we will ever have.

This year our 2018 Word of the Year is:


Last year lead us to many first as a family.  It is my hope that our experiences from then will lead us like a lantern in word and spirit to help others this year.

Psalm 119:105 - Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my paths.

I want His guidance and His word to continue to light our path as it has throughout our lives.  I pray this year brings triumph and continued happiness for us.  I pray our voices light the way for others who God brings into our journey with us.  And I pray that my children will keep following God's lighted path for them as He leads them to do great things with their lives in glorifying him.

January 2018 Update {Thoughts From Me}

I haven't been posting as much lately because life's been busy.  We've been moving into the new house and we've had Christmas and Winston's birthday to celebrate.  December is always our busy month.

My baby turned 17.  I can hardly believe I've been his Momma for 17 years now.  Time has rushed past me and my son is almost a man.

He's kindhearted, helpful and such an inspiration to me.  He's struggled with learning over the years but he's never stopped trying to overcome his learning difficulties.  He's taught me what perseverance is.  God blessed me with this boy of mine and now I understand why he was my first born.  I'm proud to be his Mother and can hardly wait to see where God leads him in his life.  But we're in no rush to get there.  I plan to enjoy this last year with him before he's a "man" by law.

17 years I've been a Momma.  That's an accomplishment to me.  I have 13 years to go before my youngest baby reaches that "man" stage.  13 years will fly by I know.

I'm proud of this accomplishment.  When I was a child, being a Mother to four children was my goal in life.  To be a Mother and a teacher and singer.  I do all three of those now.

Homeschooling was chosen for my children when I was married to my ex-husband.  It was a choice we made together.  It was a choice I prayed over and it was a choice that God led me to.  It's also a choice my children and I have never regretted, nor do we plan to change.  It's been the best for us.

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey as a Momma.  I'm looking forward to sharing many experiences still with my "almost grown" son and with my other 3 beautiful babies as well.  They're all growing up on me so fast but every minute we have is cherished every single day.

I hope this post finds you all blessed and as loved as I am,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Attacked Again {Thoughts From Me}

This has been laying on my heart for a while now: Domestic Violence does not stop just because you leave a household.  It continues and it spreads into others who then reach out to attack.  It's a dirty little thing that just keeps going.

Recently, I've received some attacks online.  Now the thing about online attacks is that they CAN BE traced through IP numbers and pinged from the person who's sent the messages, even anonymously, and those persons can be prosecuted by law.  Once turned over to authorities it won't be up to me to press charges, it's done automatically.

But the thing is, no one should be dealing with derogatory comments or threats from others.  Exes talk with their new girlfriends and spouses and fuel a fire that doesn't even exist, or at least it shouldn't exist.  Other exes can't let go of their own spiteful torments to allow others to live happy lives together when we move on into a new life. 

I live my life, I take care of my husband and my children and the past has been left where I walked away from it: in the past.  I'll never understand why some people feel the need to overstep their boundaries or to try to push others into unhappiness because they are not happy with their own lives.  These are not people I wish to have in my life or around my children though I pray for them daily.

As for my exes: I don't have any harsh feelings towards them though no one could fault me if I did due to the many things they each have done to me in the past.  I don't reach out to them or harass them or even make comments to them.  I don't ask for help and I receive child support only because it was required by the state which I was in at the time for my children's healthcare, which I would think they'd be happy to know my children have for their health.  This isn't about me: it's about my children.

Women deal with abuse like this every day, abuse that extends outside of their situation and into their new lives as they attempt to rebuild.  Most have it much worse than I do but at any level this type of abuse should not exist.  No one should log online to find messages that are meant to be harmful and threatening because your ex just can't seem to move on or mentally they just won't move on.

Oh and as for me: God is the only judge I have so honestly, your opinions of me don't really matter.  You're either going to love me or hate me.  My world doesn't revolve around which of those you choose but my friends will tell you, you'd be missing out on a damn good person if you were to choose the hate, especially based off my exes opinions.

God bless - just know I'm praying for all of you,


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