Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Attacked Again {Thoughts From Me}

This has been laying on my heart for a while now: Domestic Violence does not stop just because you leave a household.  It continues and it spreads into others who then reach out to attack.  It's a dirty little thing that just keeps going.

Recently, I've received some attacks online.  Now the thing about online attacks is that they CAN BE traced through IP numbers and pinged from the person who's sent the messages, even anonymously, and those persons can be prosecuted by law.  Once turned over to authorities it won't be up to me to press charges, it's done automatically.

But the thing is, no one should be dealing with derogatory comments or threats from others.  Exes talk with their new girlfriends and spouses and fuel a fire that doesn't even exist, or at least it shouldn't exist.  Other exes can't let go of their own spiteful torments to allow others to live happy lives together when we move on into a new life. 

I live my life, I take care of my husband and my children and the past has been left where I walked away from it: in the past.  I'll never understand why some people feel the need to overstep their boundaries or to try to push others into unhappiness because they are not happy with their own lives.  These are not people I wish to have in my life or around my children though I pray for them daily.

As for my exes: I don't have any harsh feelings towards them though no one could fault me if I did due to the many things they each have done to me in the past.  I don't reach out to them or harass them or even make comments to them.  I don't ask for help and I receive child support only because it was required by the state which I was in at the time for my children's healthcare, which I would think they'd be happy to know my children have for their health.  This isn't about me: it's about my children.

Women deal with abuse like this every day, abuse that extends outside of their situation and into their new lives as they attempt to rebuild.  Most have it much worse than I do but at any level this type of abuse should not exist.  No one should log online to find messages that are meant to be harmful and threatening because your ex just can't seem to move on or mentally they just won't move on.

Oh and as for me: God is the only judge I have so honestly, your opinions of me don't really matter.  You're either going to love me or hate me.  My world doesn't revolve around which of those you choose but my friends will tell you, you'd be missing out on a damn good person if you were to choose the hate, especially based off my exes opinions.

God bless - just know I'm praying for all of you,

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