Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 2018 Update {Thoughts From Me}

I haven't been posting as much lately because life's been busy.  We've been moving into the new house and we've had Christmas and Winston's birthday to celebrate.  December is always our busy month.

My baby turned 17.  I can hardly believe I've been his Momma for 17 years now.  Time has rushed past me and my son is almost a man.

He's kindhearted, helpful and such an inspiration to me.  He's struggled with learning over the years but he's never stopped trying to overcome his learning difficulties.  He's taught me what perseverance is.  God blessed me with this boy of mine and now I understand why he was my first born.  I'm proud to be his Mother and can hardly wait to see where God leads him in his life.  But we're in no rush to get there.  I plan to enjoy this last year with him before he's a "man" by law.

17 years I've been a Momma.  That's an accomplishment to me.  I have 13 years to go before my youngest baby reaches that "man" stage.  13 years will fly by I know.

I'm proud of this accomplishment.  When I was a child, being a Mother to four children was my goal in life.  To be a Mother and a teacher and singer.  I do all three of those now.

Homeschooling was chosen for my children when I was married to my ex-husband.  It was a choice we made together.  It was a choice I prayed over and it was a choice that God led me to.  It's also a choice my children and I have never regretted, nor do we plan to change.  It's been the best for us.

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey as a Momma.  I'm looking forward to sharing many experiences still with my "almost grown" son and with my other 3 beautiful babies as well.  They're all growing up on me so fast but every minute we have is cherished every single day.

I hope this post finds you all blessed and as loved as I am,

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