Thursday, February 22, 2018

10 Things to Do With Your Preschooler

10 Things to Do With Your Preschooler:

1. Talk a walk.

We love long walks to see the world.

2. Grow flowers.  

They are fun to watch grow and fun to pick when they bloom.

3. Play with blocks.

You can build a fort, or a castle, or a car track.  Let your imagination go wild!

4. Play with cars.

When you finish building your block track, race a few cars along it.

5. Playdough

I was not a fan of playdough when my oldest kids were little but it's since grown on me.  Make animals, shapes, and other things your imagination comes up with.

6. Kick a ball.

My littles love to kick balls down the hallway or outside.  

7. Dig a hole.

Dig and see what worms you find among other things.  Make mud pies.

8.  Wash toys.

We like to wash our toys.  It teaches needed skills for homekeeping and is just plain fun.

9.  Read a book.

Books help the mind to grow and helps your child open their imagination to a world of fun.

10.  Build a fort.

Use chairs and a blanket to make a fort for your child to play beneath.  Join in to see tons of smiles and happiness.

We hope this list gave you some great ideas to use with your preschoolers.

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