Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cold and Spring {Thoughts From Me}

It's been cold here in the South.  And being the Southern Belle that I am, I simply despise the cold.  Rain, sleet, ice, snow... all of that stuff is not for me!  I prefer the warmth of the Sun, the hot sand on the beach or a nice walk up a mountain trail.

This cold has been keeping us in.  Along with the huge Flu outbreak.  No one's got time for that mess!

Thankfully (and knock on wood!) the Flu has not found our house and I hope greatly that it won't.  We have had the sniffles this week and sinus headaches which tells me that Mother Nature is sending Spring on the way!  This is the side of Spring that I do not enjoy.

But I do look forward to butterflies and bees and birds, to walking trails and seeing things we've never seen before.  I look forward to all the awesome weekend events we will be able to participate in very soon.  Field Trips are a homeschoolers DREAM!  Learning at it's finest!

So I'm excitedly looking forward to Spring and all the new beginnings that it brings us in our new home.  I look forward to bonding together while camping and making smores by the campfire again.  I'm looking forward to fishing and seeing my husband catch the "big one" somewhere we've never fished before.  I'm looking forward to learning new things, seeing new sights and enjoying these years that I have left before my children are grown and ready to move on.

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