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Drive Thru History Adventures {Crew Review}

Drive Thru History Adventures
I have been a huge fan of Drive Thru History Adventures and Dave Stotts since the show premiered on television a few years back.  Any time a review comes up for Drive Thru History, I truly get excited.  This review for Drive Thru History Adventures was no exception and it has truly exceeded my expectations.  This is good stuff, y'all.
Drive Thru History Adventures

The thing I love most about Drive Thru History Adventures is that it truly bring history to life.  Dave Stotts creates adventure that keeps you interested and wanting to learn and see more.  He takes you to the places where history happened for you to see with your own eyes, even when you can't be there in person.  And he loves what he does... that really shows in both the amazing videos he creates and now through the online program/curriculum at Drive Thru History Adventures.

This is a history program and curriculum that your entire family can make use of.  You will learn, along with your children.  Even my Mother has used and absolutely LOVED this review.  She's watched the videos and discussed the questions with each of my children.  She's had my 5 year old snuggled up and watching with her, and my teens have stopped to listen in as well.
Drive Thru History Adventures

And then there's the days when I "forced" my older kids to watch and work through the curriculum.  Only, guess what!  There was no need to force them.  This was something they totally wanted to do and enjoyed!

We used the App for most of this program.  The app allowed us to choose the video series we wanted to see through Adventures TV.  Currently there are 3 available: Bible History Adventures, American History Adventures and Ancient History Adventures.  Each, of course, teaches a whole different section of history but it's awesome that you can switch back and forth as you wish, or simply work through the whole section on that one subject.

Adventures TV is awesome.  It's available on iPhone and Android.  It was easy to download and use right away.
Drive Thru History Adventures

Now, let's talk a bit about the actual curriculum.  For American History, you'll click on each separate episode and be brought to a page that really digs deep into the topic at hand.  The first episode in American History is The Discovery.  On the curriculum page, you'll find the video, then a brief summary of what you're learning.  There's a suggested reading which is related to the events being learned as well.

Then you'll be brought to a side road, or additional information that may (or may not) be interesting to you.  This is followed by the questions for this lesson.  The questions are simple but they are thorough, making sure you student is grasping what they've seen and heard and now know.

Following this are downloadable files.  The questions and answers are available as printables and any other information is available here.

At the end, you'll find extra lessons to help you dig deeper into the subject so that you can expand even more on the lesson being taught.  These a links to further information and videos which are great additions to the curriculum itself.

And then you are on to the next adventure!
Drive Thru History Adventures

There is a full resources center that is pretty amazing as well.  This center gives to you so much extra information.  Expert papers, articles, side roads and behind the scenes can all be found here.  You can find all the worksheets and answer guides here as well.

There is also a community that you can join.  It's a Facebook group for Drive Thru History Adventures where you will find others who are using this amazing curriculum.  You can ask questions and gather great ideas from one another.  It's a valuable resource to have.

As I stated in the beginning, we were more than impressed by this program.  Dave Stotts and all those at Drive Thru History Adventures have put so much into the development of this program and curriculum.  There heart and love of history really shines through.
Drive Thru History Adventures

There are two ways to purchase a monthly subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures.  You can subscribe yearly for an annual cost of $124.99 or you can subscribe monthly for $12.99 a month.  It is well worth this cost, trust me!

If you join right now, there is an offer to get The Gospels on DVD for free with an annual subscription.  You can find the code for this here: https://drivethruhistoryadventures.com/join/?discount=gospels
Drive Thru History Adventures is offering 20% off for readers of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Here is the link to the digital issue: http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine-digital.com/thehomeschoolmagazine/2018x1/?pg=1#pg1 
The Drive Thru History add is on page 19.
You can find Drive Thru History Adventures online at:

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