Tuesday, February 27, 2018

End of February {Update Feb 2018}

I've contemplated what to write here for 15 minutes.  Sometimes, you just don't have anything to say.  Silence is one of my favorite things.  Sitting and listening to nothing but the breeze brings about a sense of peace and balance.

This was a busy month for us.  First Mom's birthday, then Valentine's and then Emmalee's birthday.  It makes for a fun week. 

This month also brought our first review for the Homeschool Review Crew.  The curriculum we receive through them is always a blessing.

Several other reviews happened this month as well.  I'm happy we are again in a place where I can provide those for our readers.  We enjoy our reviews.

Emma has started diving into her own business of bracelets.  You'll see more about those soon.  They will eventually be for sale.  This has been a long time goal of hers.  Art has her heart, and jewelry design does as well.

This month, I realized I had lost my camera charger somewhere on our travels.  I was able to get a new one and look forward to working on imagery again.  I mean, what was the purpose of my time in college if I'm not going to put it to use right?!

I started a book this month.  You'll see more to come on that soon as well.  It's a hard thing for me to announce and I'm almost fearful of it's release but it's been long in coming.

The kids are good.  Our family is good.  Life is good. 

Life continues...

Until next time...

Dana Lambert-Hodge

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